Just Ad Magic

Discover and implement exactly what it takes to convert more ideal customers faster with Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads and WITHOUT getting stuck in the tech or spending thousands of dollars every month on
ad management fees

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Just Ad Magic! is a 12-month hybrid experience that pairs bespoke expert support and small-group group coaching that takes your funnels and ads from conception to conversion.

Tap into the magic and experience of someone who has not only invested over $100k in her own ads but has managed over $4 million in ad spend while creating millions in return for her clients.

Get personalised support for your ads and funnels so you can get the most impact out of every dollar you spend on ads.

Just Ad Magic is the only Done-With-You Experience where you’ll get RIGHT Funnel & Ad Strategy for you and your business so that you’ll convert someone who’s totally new to your world into an actual PAYING client faster.

Just Ad Magic is a place where you’ll learn – and we’ll implement – how to use Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads to find your ideal clients who’ve never heard of you before and meet them each step of the way so they become your next paying customer.

Or in marketing speak: you’ll learn how to convert ‘cold traffic’ using ads and strategy in a way that feels good to you, reflects your values, and conveys the unique magic of your offer.

I’ll take you through my unique 6-step Just Ad Magic Process which will see you audit and optimize your funnel for cold traffic, map out and create your ad campaigns, fill your program and courses, and scale to create consistent sales from paid ads.

My team and I take care of all the *heavy* tech setup within Facebook™ (YES — the all-important facebook pixel, server-side tracking, domains etc. taken care of for you)

And then in group coaching calls you and your team will learn;

  • to audit and optimize your funnel for COLD traffic to maximize your ad spend (including messaging and copy on your pages, emails, and overall content)
  • how to monitor, tweak and manage the ads for each stage of your campaign
  • how and why to use certain audiences and campaigns for each phase of your customer journey
  • to read and action the data from both Facebook™ Ads Manager and other key sources to make refinements to your funnel to drive additional sales

All while receiving real-time support and feedback from me — a funnel & ad strategist who also has the real-world experience of spending over $110k in ad spend for her own courses + managed over $4 million in ad spend in the last 18 months alone.

You know that Ads are too expensive to Do-It-Yourself.

And, that Ads are TOO expensive to outsource via Done-For-You

That’s why I’ve created Just Ad Magic, where we do it together

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