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Using Email Marketing To Run A Facebook Competition

I was speaking to a client recently who wants to run a competition on Facebook. When discussing Facebook Competitions, most people want to run them completely on Facebook. However, I believe that using Email Marketing to run a Facebook Competition is the best option. Keep reading to find out more.

So I can recommend the best way to run the competition; my first question was “What are you trying to achieve?”

As with most businesses the answer was more sales. Currently, this business has a tiny community on Facebook and nothing on any other social platform.

They do have an email database of approximately 1500 and have made sales using this database. Email marketing is currently their main sales source.

Starting with your objectives in mind helps you determine the best approach to executing your competition.

I explained to the customer, that even though I built my business and reputation teaching women in business how to use Facebook for marketing, I will still every single day of the week, recommend creating an email list first.

Why? Your email list is yours. You have 100% control over it. Plus you can majorly influence the delivery and open rates. Something that you have increasingly less control over on social media.

Compared to Facebook, where you don’t have any control! Read that again. On Facebook, you don’t have any control.

Your email list is yours. You have 100% control over it and can majorly influence the delivery and open rates.

I proposed two scenarios:

Scenario One – Competition using Email Marketing

Entering the competition is done by providing their first name and email address. To comply with all state regulations and avoid a permit purchase, they also have to answer in 25 words or less a basic question.

Upon entering their email address is automatically added into the email marketing system. I love and recommend ActiveCampaign. Adding their email address to ActiveCampaign triggers an automatic email series. Over the period of this series the intention is to build a relationship and convert them to a sale.

In customers, intro product is only $99 and offers exceptional value. It should be a no brainer for people to buy if the value is outlined clearly within the email series.

Even if no one buys during the automatic email series, you have still laid the groundwork for future sales. Plus with their email address, you can quickly and easily contact them again.

Scenario Two – Competition using Facebook Only

Entering a competition run directly on Facebook is generally a three step process:

  • Like the Facebook Page
  • Like the competition post
  • Comment on the competition post (to comply with all state regulations)

No data from the client is received, and in my experience many people who entered will forget to complete all three steps, making their entry not valid. In terms of sales, you are relying on Facebook showing your content and have no way of controlling what they see in the news feed.

The most likely scenario is that they will continue to see the competition post as it’s receiving lots of engagement as people are entering the competition. As you share more information about the company and the $99 intro offer, the numbers (and post engagement) will decrease. Which, of course, reduces the possibility of sales.

On Facebook your news feed reach is only as good as your last post, making the additional follow up and long term sales opportunities lower.

Promotion of the Competition

Both scenarios will use Facebook Ads as a method of advertising. This will provide additional exposure in the news feed with the ability to reach more than just their current Facebook audience. They will also work with existing partnership who will share the competition in their communities as well.

I’m sure you will agree that the better long term solution is scenario one and building your email list. How are you using email marketing in your business? Have you used it to run a Facebook competition before?

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