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Thinking of hiring an ad manager? Here are the 5 questions they should be asking YOU

If you are considering hiring an ad manager, then it’s vital you work with someone who is an expert in their field.

If things go pear-shaped not only are you out of pocket for the ad management fee but also the money you have spent on the actual ads.

Like many industries, the ad management business is unregulated and sadly, full of cowboys. Even at times the “Marketing Experts” provided by the platforms don’t have a great understanding of online marketing, how to sell courses or how to sell high-ticket services online.

So how do you weed out the cowboys?

To make sure they understand you and your business – and can actually help you they should be asking you these 5 questions;

What is your funnel or sales process?

When selling courses online or high ticket services,  you aren’t sending people directly to your sales page and asking them to buy. 

You know you need a funnel and your ad manager should have an understanding of funnels, online marketing and how to best use ads to move from cold to a sale in a flash.

What’s your conversion rate?

Successful from Facebook™ Ads occur when you mix real-world experience, intuition and intelligent data. You can’t ignore the data and expect to be successful. The idea with paid advertising is to get to the stage when you know that if you spend X your return will be Y and this comes from knowing your conversion rate and data points through your entire funnel. A good Facebook™ Ads manager (or strategist) should be able to assist you with this. 

Who is your audience and what is the trigger point for them to purchase?

Most people spend their time marketing to people who are solution aware – they know that there is a solution available to their problem but aren’t familiar with your brand or product. And when you are starting with Facebook Ads this is a great place to start and to make this work you need to know who your audience is.

Then it’s super important that you know what triggers them to actually purchase – both from a personal and funnel level. From a personal level the trigger could be the death of a family member or moving house. From a funnel level, it could be after they have read your freebie and watched your webinar.

What are you aiming to achieve with Facebook™ Ads?

There are lots that can be achieved with Facebook™ Ads and what you are trying to achieve today, tomorrow, next month or even next year will affect your overall strategy. Being clear on what you are trying to achieve will help your ad manager create a strategy that will help you gain sales now and into the future.

How much budget are you prepared to spend on testing?

Facebook™ Ads are not a silver bullet or designed to save a failing business. You can end up spending lots of money and not get any return. 

Even if you have an amazing online business and can sell your community it doesn’t always translate to an instant success with Facebook™ Ads.

Initial testing and ongoing testing is 100% vital and should be incorporated into each and every ad strategy. Some of your budget should always be put aside for testing and if you haven’t got the budget from testing then it might not be the best time for you to start advertising.

As someone who has spent over $100k of their own money in ads, I know the level of trust it takes to invest in someone to help you run your ads. It’s vital that you partner with someone who understands online marketing, funnels, business and ads.

If they ask you these questions you should be in good hands.

It’s also really important that you know the answers for these questions. If you don’t, you may not be ready for Facebook™ Ads.

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