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Natalie Live – How To Beat The Recent Facebook Changes With Facebook Live

Natalie Live – In tonights Facebook Live I’m going to share “How To Beat The Recent Facebook Changes with Facebook Live”.

Facebook has recently made another round of changes to their algorithm which means that organic reach for Pages is decreasing as they are placing more emphasis on Profiles.

So why Facebook Live and how is that going to make any difference to your organic reach, and let’s be honest, ultimately your income. After all, that is why we are on Facebook to begin with.

Why Facebook Live?

Facebook Live videos have 3 times the engagement over traditional videos. (

Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in the news feed when they are live compared to after the broadcast. (

People are 3 times more likely to watch a video while it’s live compared to when they are no longer live.

Facebook has invested $50 million in getting celebrities and influences to start using Facebook Live, as they know this will follow on to us regular users. (

Generally speaking you are only as good as your last post on Facebook. What I mean by this is that the reach from your previous post gives Facebook an indication as to the relevancy of your content and what people want to see. Therefore frequently doing Facebook Lives provides a natural boost within the news feed for your page.

Facebook users comment 10 times more on a live video than regular videos. (

Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. (

More and more videos are being created and Facebook is favouriting them within the news feed. In terms of algorithm ranking priority is given in the following order:

  1. Facebook Live Video
  2. Video
  3. Photos
  4. Text

I also love that Facebook Live builds your BelieveMe Bank super fast. It positions you as an expert and adds the ‘human element’ to your brand. In my content plan for 2018 Facebook Live I also mention the other benefits of Facebook Live which include:

  • Facebook loves video
  • It’s free
  • Facebook Live generates awesome free organic reach
  • Video increases my SeeMe bank quickly and builds relationships fast

I know that doing your first Facebook Live is scary – even doing your 10 or 20th can be scary but I promise you it gets easier and the benefits to your business are very much worth it.

How To Facebook Live

3 Steps to using Facebook Live to attract, build, nurture and convert your audience.

Step One: Plan

To ensure your FB Live is a success, before you hit the ‘live’ button make a plan. I’ll cover topics such as purpose, types, title and description, where to go live, practice, content plan, tech, content outline and video framework.

Step Two: Present

Live video can be fun when you have the clarity, confidence and tech know how. In this module I’ll cover how to ensure both you and your equipment are camera ready, plus how to make your presentation shine.

Step Three: Publish

Don’t be a one hit wonder. Make your FB Live video content work for you. Make it increase organic reach in the Facebook News Feed, increase traffic to your website and get visibility on other social platforms. I’ll show you how to polish your video, re purpose your content and gain more traction.

If you are keen to leverage the power of Facebook Live then join me in FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish.

FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish is a step by step (including tech) course on how to use Facebook Live to attract, build, nurture and convert your community.

During the pre launch sale you have two options – save 50% and join for only $97 for 12 month course access or join The Business Hub for only $47 per month (cancel at anytime) and get instant access to all our other courses while you are waiting for the new course to arrive.

Module one is due to be released by Monday 26 February 2018.

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