The PayMe Formula

Where coaches and course creators get to escape the never-ending cycle of launching
and content creation, and finally get to scale with an unstoppable sales system

What if your business could grow not from your constant online presence, but from a behind-the-scenes engine of targeted ads that brings consistent clients, giving you the freedom to live more and work less?

You feel like you’ve been sold the dream of creating a course once and it will sell itself, but you can’t seem to reach it.

You’re doing all the things the gurus told you to. 

You’re creating endless amounts of content, from Reels to Carousels all so you can stay visible and gain more clients.

You’re showing up on Stories daily and joining every Facebook group, networking and hustling hard.

And you’re doing all this with the goal of making consistent revenue and keeping the cash rolling in.

From the outside, you appear to be a successful coach and course creator – someone who has their s*it together.

Thankfully you’re 1 to 1 clients are paying the bills because secretly, you feel like a fraud and are on the brink of burnout.

You can’t fight the feeling that you’re not built to be a content creator and you’d much rather work with your clients than spend time marketing online.

Others make it look so easy like they know the success “code”.

You want to feel less like an influencer and more like a real business owner who is generating new sales daily without having to be a show pony.

So what if it was easy – easier than what you’ve already been doing and the real path to leveraged income, unstoppable sales and meaningful impact?

I’m here to show you how…

Getting your head around Facebook Ads

“You really won’t get anyone better, she really knows her stuff.”

Sharon Chelman, Little River Kitchen


Coaches, course creators, membership site and mastermind owners

What if you could….

  • Do Less and create less content but still see new leads and sales coming into your business daily.
  • Forget the algorithm or the next big trend and focus on creating strategic and aligned marketing channels in your business that work on repeat generating you $10k, $20k or $30k per month.
  • Confidently and effortlessly invest in paid ads knowing that within a short period of time, you’ve generated not only new leads and sales but covered your ad spend and more.
  • Nurture your inner introvert, put the show pony away and learn a way of marketing that is predictable, profitable and doesn’t rely on organic social media to fuel it.
  • Feel like a massive weight has been lifted because instead of starting your day worrying about what you’re going to share today in order to make a sale, you show up when you feel called and confidently share without the pressure.

It’s time to create a rinse-and-repeat system for bringing in a steady stream
of rock-solid sales now AND in the future.

“We have been able to increase our return on ad spend from $1 to $3 (even $4 at times)”

Carla Biesinger, Instagram & Business Coach


The PayMe Formula

The monthly membership where you’ll master fad free,
proven marketing strategies powered by paid ads to
sign more clients while launching less. 

Here’s the 4-step PayMe Formula
that does exactly that:

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Create full alignment with who your ideal client is and the best offers to build your profitable and leveraged online business while making the income and impact you desire.

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Authentically building your visibility and creating content in a sustainable way that will have you at the top of your ideal clients’ newsfeed without having to keep creating and showing up on the daily.

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Build real relationships with the right people at the right time allowing them to know that you’re the right solution for them in a genuine highly leveraged way, so you can convert more clients without the ongoing hussle.

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Launch your highly leveraged and repeatable sales system powered by paid ads that brings in new daily sales while showing a positive return (and profit) on your ad spend.

Here’s what you get inside
The PayMe Formula Membership

You don’t need to do all the things, just the right things that will move the needle in your business. Based on your specific goals, you’ll be able to easily select your next best training to get you started and the others will be there waiting for you when you’re ready

Core Training

Easy to follow and implement step-by-step training on each of the key phases. Each training includes short videos, action steps, checklists and swipe files – everything we can to get you implementing as quickly as possible. ($2,000 value)

open book

Live Group Coaching Calls

During these powerful sessions, you’ll get personalized feedback from me, PLUS you’ll learn from other members who are navigating online business and have a wealth of experience and expertise to share. ($3,000 value)


Templates and Swipe Files

Streamline your journey to success with our templates and swipe files.  Whether you’re setting up your first ad campaign or optimizing your funnels, these checklists and templates will provide you with clear step by step guidance to ensure nothing is overlooked. (Value $997)

Funnel & Ads Feedback

Get personalized feedback from me and my team on your offers, funnel flow and ads including structure, metrics, so you can optimise fast and scale even faster. Feedback is provided via our twice-per-month calls and via our Facebook Study Hall Community. (Value $1997)

open book

Messaging & Copy Feedback

My team and I will help you optimise your messaging and copy including emails, ads, sales pages and more, to fast track your results. Feedback is provided via our monthly content + messaging coaching calls or via our Facebook Study Hall Community. (Value $1997)


Facebook Study Hall Community

Plug into this supportive community where we have expansive convos, ask questions, problem-solve as a community and celebrate our big wins! This element alone is truly priceless! Me and my team will also be there for support. (Value $497)


Customizable Canva Templates

Our own expertly designed templates that can be rebranded with your colours and images to promote your blog posts, webinars, podcasts or free opt-ins and capture the attention of your audience in the newsfeed. (Value $397)

Ad Copy Templates

Follow the frameworks of copywriting masters to quickly and easily create compelling copy that converts even if you feel writing is your weakest link! (Value $397)

Inside The PayMe Formula you’ll get…

Easy to follow and implement step-by-step core training on each of the four phases. (Value $2000)

Templates & Swipe Files (Value $997)

Messaging & Copy Feedback (Value $1997)

Customisable Facebook Ad Canva templates (Value $397)

Live Group Coaching Calls (Value $3000)

Funnel & Ads Feedback (Value $1997)

Facebook Study Hall Community (Value $497)

High-converting Ad copy templates (Value $397)


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So, why should you learn from me? Here’s just a snapshot of my clients’ epic results;

  • $1 Million in annual sales from a hands off funnel
  • 3 x return on ads spend and adding 75 new people to her list each and every week
  • Adding 17 new members in the first month of launching an evergreen webinar funnel
  • 4 x return on ad spend each and every month

Hi, I'm Natalie

Disney superfan, funnel strategist, and values-driven Ads Manager.

I mix real-world experience, intuition and intelligent data to create FB + Instagram Ad strategies that get results.

I know what works.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients in almost every industry you can name, market their businesses, create financial security and enjoy freedom and flexibility in their everyday lives.

I also spent over $100,000 of my own money on FB ads for a marketing business that sold online courses (back when FB Ads and email marketing were new!). And made $30k revenue on a $4k monthly ad spend (for a $97 course).

BUT… I didn’t sink an easy breezy $100k on ads overnight, and I’m certainly not here to sell you on mindlessly throwing wads of cash into FB Ads.

My success came from testing, reviewing the data, making changes and building things up slowly.

These days, I put my years of real-world experience to use as a fully booked FB Ads Manager.

BUT, there are only so many businesses I can help working 1:1.

And I’m tired of hearing stories of businesses who have been left to figure out the complex and everchanging world of Facebook Ads on their own.

Or worse yet, end up in the hands of unethical “Ad Managers” or “Business Coaches” and end up slowly watching their money drain away and their dreams die.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to ThePayMe Formula?

The PayMe Formula is a monthly membership site so you’ll have access for as long as you are a paying member. You can cancel at any time. 

How often is the content updated?

The strategies in The PayMe Formula are sustainable long-term marketing strategies that have been working for many years. However, as the individual platforms change and/or strategies need tweaking the content will be updated to reflect this.  

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time via our membership portal. 

How soon do I get access to the training?

You get instant access to our learning portal Just head over to your Inbox after you purchase and get your login details.

How long will it take to go through the training?

You don’t need to consume all the content. Only the right content to get you the best results right now. The rest will be there once you’re implemented the part you need at this moment. The PayMe Formula is more about implementation and action the watching hours and hours of training.

How soon will I get results?

There are a lot of variables and ‘getting results’ depends on your particular goals for your business. You can start amplifying your content within a few hours of joining.

To create and optimise a sustainable sales system such as an evergreen webinar funnel might take a little longer to get the results you desire. However, tapping into our live coaching will get you there faster.

Most members take 60 to 90 days to get their funnel and ads up and running correctly.

What is your refund policy?

As it’s a monthly membership, you can cancel at any time. We don’t offer refunds.

What if I've never launched a Facebook Ad?

You, my friend, are in the perfect place! The PayMe Formula will guide you through the complete process and help you to make sure you have all the foundations in place before you spend a cent on ads. And then when you’re ready to launch your ads, you’ll know exactly what to do.

What if I've been running Ads for a while? Will this help me?

100%. If you aren’t getting the results you desire then something isn’t working either with your funnel or ads. 

 Discovering just one golden nugget in may be the key to unlocking more leads, sales and revenue in your business.

Are the strategies up-to-date and working now?

The strategies in The PayMe Formula are proven and work time and time again across various industries.

Often it’s not the overall strategy that doesn’t work but the execution or messaging. However in the PayMe Formula we take the guess work out of getting results by showing you step by step and supporting you in our live coaching calls. 


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Disclaimer: This site and its services/products are in no way endorsed or affiliated with Meta/Facebook or any of its entities. There are no guarantees that you will earn money from the training in this program, generate leads or make sales with Facebook Ads. Your results will vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to your experience, skills, financial circumstances, education, commitment, changing technologies and your market. Results and testimonials are not average results – and who wants to be average anyway.

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