Rules Were Made To Be Broken


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and lean into what you know is true.

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Natalie is extremely practical to business owners and this is not normal.
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My Values & Marketing Principles

Ease & Flow

Remember that quote from The Wedding Date - "Every woman has the exact love life she wants". 

Same is true for your business - "Every woman has the exact business she wants."  

You can choose to have a stressful and overwhelming business. Or like me (and my clients), I choose to have a business that provides for me with ease & flow.

Everyone Matters

Everyone in your community is a person. Not a number. Every single piece of content you write or word you speak should be directed at one person. 

Everyone Matters. When this is the central theme of your marketing - you can't go wrong.

Empowering Others

My big mission is to use business as a vehicle to shift the lives of 1000's of women so they know that they are enough, have value and can stand for themselves.

When women stand in their power it will create a ripple effect impacting the lives of their families, their clients and their communities.

Be Helpful

Good marketing is about your sharing content. Great marketing is about being helpful.  

When we approach business and specifically marketing with a 'helpful' mentality, we build deep relationships that will fuel our business for the long term.


No one likes a one hit wonder - especially in business. To me, business isn't about making a quick buck or becoming the next 'big thing'.  I'm here for the long term. 

Business is about building a sustainable foundation that allows you to support your family, make an impact and do the work you were meant to do.

Business is Personal

Business is people - which makes it personal.  Of course we need to have boundaries, t & c's and policies but always remember there are people involved. 

Phrases such as "it's not personal, it's business", "it's company policy" and "xyz" don't belong in business. People first is the way.