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Natalie Talks to Jody Milward

Here is my interview with Jody Milward


Jody Milward

What is your age?

45 to 54

Your Business

Social Charlie, Facebook Marketing Agency

Your Role within the business

CEO & Facebook Ad & Funnel Strategist

Tell me about you and your family

I was a child bride! Married at 19 (I was nearly 20) and have been for 26 years. I have 3 young adults, with the youngest just starting his last year of school. I found returning to the workforce with 3 young children was challenging so I thought the best way to combine work and family would be to become a Teacher’s Aide. So I did the necessary study, however, one day when standing in a playground surrounded by 50 screaming 5 year olds….. I realised this was not the gig for me! I stumbled into the world of Unclaimed Money Recovery, acquired a Private Investigator licence (no carpark stakeouts or spouse busting!) honed my research and skip tracing skills and built a company that returned over $4 million dollars in just 4 years to the rightful owners. Funnily enough, the Government doesn’t like to give up that kind of money (even when it’s not theirs!), so I got tired of the red tape and started looking at other avenues for business. That’s when I discovered online marketing and started out white-labeling weight loss products. I found Facebook fascinating and was more passionate about marketing than losing weight (unfortunately for my size 12 jeans!) so I pursued the world of Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels working as a freelancer for a number of years, before making the shift to building an Agency.

Tell me about your business

We partner with established businesses who are wanting to make 6 and 7 figures with Facebook Marketing. We have a remote team of 5 who are located in Australia and the USA.

What does an average day look like?

I love early mornings, so I’m up at 5am, feed the cats, get a coffee, read my daily devotional, pray and meditate. I head out for a walk with a friend at 6.20am and we walk up a mountain – the view from the top is always worth it! Around 9am I touch base with the USA team to see what’s been going on and make sure Campaigns are on track and making necessary adjustments. Facebook is always changing, so I usually spend about 3 hours of training or research keeping up with the latest strategies. I’ll also jump in a couple of FB groups to answer any questions people have posted about their ads/funnels. I love this as it really helps me solidify my knowledge by helping others. I also scratch my head and stare at my computer screen alot… especially when I have to switch my brain from working on the tech elements of putting a funnel together, and then the creative aspect of copy for ads and emails.

Natalie talks to Jody Milward Quote Image

What is your current annual business revenue?

$101,000 – $500,000

Are you happy with this revenue level?

Yes, but we’re not settling there 🙂

Has your revenue increased or decreased over the life of your business?

The transition from a freelancer to Agency owner saw a big decrease. As a freelancer I was making over 6 figures, but I was burning out. I was solely responsible for the lead gen, and revenue, of a multi-million dollar company. I was resorting to taking sleeping pills as it was a USA client and I would go to bed dreading what I may wake to. I learnt a lot from this. I had to build a team. I couldn’t do it all myself. However making the transition from a freelancer to having an agency, leading a team, making sales calls…. I really battled with Imposter Syndrome and as a result it really held me back. I would self sabotage my sales calls – have a voice in my head that “I can’t help them. They’ll see right through me. I’m not a leader.” So this really did decrease my business income. Despite having a company previously that turned over multiple millions, despite making millions of dollars for my clients as a FB Ad Freelancer, that little voice that would tear me down was louder than the voice that would remind me of what I can do. So when I really got sick of the circumstances and the negative bank balance, I focussed on my mindset, affirmations, meditation and visualising my Agency, my team and the life I desired. So when I stopped listening to the lies and resisting the opportunities that came my way, and decided to ‘just do the things I was afraid of’ things started to flow and business came knocking.

When you hear that only 2% of businesses that are owned by women have revenue of over $1 million, how does that make you feel?

Inspired to help educate women of the possibilities that are available to them with Online Marketing and in particular Facebook Ads.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to have the Agency turning over 7 figures in 12 months and have a team, systems and a COO in place so that it runs without me. I’m also wanting to do more corporate and individual training events – in exotic locations!

What assistance do you need to achieve your goals or what do you think is holding you back?

I do have some mentoring in place to continue to build a solid Agency, but getting out of my own way and getting rid of the freelancer way of doing it all myself is a definite hinderance. So getting things out of my head, into systems, taking the time to train people and releasing the task to them is crucial, so this is what I am currently working on.

Who inspires you?

I’ve had the absolute honour to connect with a guy in Alabama called Stan Way. Stan is the founder of Peak Sales Results and has closed multiple millions of dollars in sales. His approach and philosophy to sales is not your typical used car salesman. Stan comes from the heart and his focus is how he can serve people. He genuinely cares and takes a personal interest in every potential client and their story. You never feel like you’re talking to a salesman. He always makes you feel like a friend. Stan has been my inspiration to get out of my own way and overcome the Imposter Syndrome I mentioned earlier, because people are coming to me because they need my help and I am here to serve them. He’s completely changed my mindset about sales.

Why did you go into business for yourself? Would you do it again?

It kind of just accidentally happened! But I always had the call to walk to the beat of my own drum. I really feel like I’m about to burst when I’ve worked for others so, as hard as building a business is – there’s no other option for me!

On days when you want to quit, what keeps you going?

I remember my income goals and life goals – there’s no way I can achieve them with a 9-5 job.

Any tips or advice for juggling life, family, friends, health and your business?

If you work from home you need to have office hours. Just because your desk is close by, don’t get in the trap of doing bits of work here and there. And if you don’t work from home, don’t bring work home with you. If you are, it’s a sure sign you need help. Outsource earlier rather than later and pay someone $10 an hour to do those tasks that you shouldn’t be doing so your time is better spent on the income producing tasks or time with those you love. Read your kids a story and kiss them good night every night. I missed way to many bedtime stories. Book in a date once a month with each family member. Invest in quality time with those you love. Make time to do things that re-energise you.

Is your partner supportive of your business and has that changed over time?

I had become a workaholic over the years and I know he thinks I work to much – and it is true. This is something that will definitely be changing this year! But yes, he always has been supportive.

How have you invested in yourself or your business?

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into various trainings and will continue to do so – but probably now at a more intensive mastermind level. Also attending events has been a great investment into making real life connections.

Favourite Quote

Discipline Brings Freedom

Business books or blogs you would recommend

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (oldie but a goodie), Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson (great Online Marketing bibles), The War of Art (Steven Pressfield) and Podcast – The 7 Figure CEO (Casey Graham)

Anything else you would like to share?

Don’t wait for things to be perfect! Ready, fire aim!

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