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Natalie Live – How To Create Epic Content

In the Facebook Live we covered how to create epic content for your blog.

Epic content is content that is informative, valuable, shareable. Consider it the ultimate guide to your specific topic. It’s not just a blog post that you throw together in a short time (like this one). It’s content that is part of your sales process/funnel. Epic content is content designed to attract your community, nurture your community and build your email list.

One of the biggest benefits of epic content is that it’s shareable. However this is only possible if it’s created correctly. Just this morning I was listening to a podcast where the host was interviewing two people who had written a book together. Within the first 20 minutes I decided to turn off the podcast and I said to Dean (my husband) they are too familiar with each other.  Instead of focusing on the content in a structured way they are talking about the topic too generally.

Yes I know people love stories, and there is certainly a place for them, but it’s not within your epic content. If the content is either too story based, too personal or too familiar it makes it very difficult for people to share this content with their business community. It should focus more on being an overview of a topic, a how to guide or an explainer article.

Why Epic Content?

Content is the centrepiece of your marketing strategy. Many people believe that you have to blog, blog and blog some more to build your audience. However you will get better results if you focus on creating epic content that is full of quality information. Using this strategy you can create content less often as it’s providing more impact to your marketing efforts.

Epic Content and Your Sales Process

Your sales process is broken down into three main phases – SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe and here is how you can use epic content in each.

SeeMe Phase

  • Optimsed for SEO so it can be found when people are searching for your topic/industry
  • Shared on social media so people can discover you and of course share it with their communities
  • Mentioned and linked to from other content you create for blogs and social media
  • Mentioned in interviews, guest blogs and social media in content that other people create
  • Promoted via paid advertising

BelieveMe Phase

  • Showcases your experience
  • Builds your BelieveMe Bank
  • Positions you as the expert or the ‘go to guru’
  • Builds your database where you can continue to nurture and build a relationship

PayMe Phase

  • Builds your community
  • Builds your list
  • If relevant include testimonials and client examples
  • The whole content could be a case study which works really well.

My preference is a written blog such as 5 Essential Elements You Must Include In Each Email You Send but you could also produce the content as a video or audio. These formats don’t seem to be as effective for search engine optimisation.

Selecting Your Epic Content Topic

Deciding on a topic doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s best not to overthink it. Consider what your products and services are. What do you have to sell?

If you have something to sell – what information can you provide to help people buy your product?

For real estate agents: The ultimate guide to selling your home for the highest price in 30 days or less.

Baby store: How to survive your babies first year without nasty and harmful chemicals.

Photographic classes: How to create beautiful lasting memories of your children without killing them – 5 easy steps to using your DLSR in manual mode.

In my course SEO Accelerator I share that your website should have 3 – 10 main topics. These should be related to your industry and what you specifically sell.

Each one of these topics should have their own epic content piece.

How to Structure Your Epic Content

One of the factors to increase the sharability of your content is readability. Make your content easy for people to read. You can do this by adding headings, sub headings, keeping paragraphs short and planning your content in advance.

When you consider your topic, break it down into steps, points or tips. You can then write a paragraph or two about each point.

Your aim should be for between 1000 – 1500 words with paragraphs of no more than 300 words.

Use headings, bold text, diagrams and plenty of white space. Remember some people will read every single detail, while others will read the headings and scan the information below. You need to cater for both.

If you find you have more than 300 words for a mini step, point or tip, then link to another piece of content that has more information. And yes you can write this piece later.

Add an optin. You are using this content to build your community. Give people the opportunity to give you their email address in exchange for additional value.

Make the content relevant i.e. checklist on how to structure your epic content (sorry it’s coming soon).

You could provide a

  • cheatsheet
  • checklist
  • infographic
  • PDF of article
  • ebook
  • webinar
  • video
  • audio
  • resource list

Mention it through the article.

And remember it’s ok to keep updating your epic content and making it better. The best thing to do it start.

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