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Moving from I Have to… Facebook Live

Hi, I’m Natalie Alaimo and thank you for being here. Today I wanted to share some insights I’ve heard twice and now might actually start to apply – funny how that happens!

Before we get into it – if we haven’t met before I wanted to introduce myself.

I’m Natalie Alaimo and I help women in business create customised marketing strategies – strategies that are unique to them and how they like to work. Like many of my clients, I’m sure you are sick of doing “what you are supposed to do” and instead would prefer to lean in to what you know is true for you and your business.

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Today I wanted to talk about “I have to”.

This morning I had planned to take our dog Jack for a walk and my alarm was set for 5am.

At some point – prior to that time – I’m not sure what time – our son came into our room and woke me. As soon as I’m awake I need to use the toilet so I did that – got my son sorted and then realised my alarm would be going off soon.

Exhausted and annoyed. I really don’t cope with being woken by someone else – I decided to get up and walk anyway.

I really didn’t want to – but I know it makes for an easier day with Jack. And most times feel better after some fresh air plus I’m in the beginning stages of half marathon training – so I really need to up my fitness.

To make the time go faster I listen to either books on Audible or podcasts. One of the many books I’ve got on rotation is Atomic Habits. So far I’m enjoying it.

The chapter I was listening to this morning was about breaking bad habits. Actually, the stories and learnings in this book are very different from what I’ve heard before – so it’s worth checking out.

James Clear – the author, shares one story about the people in the military who were addicted to drugs while they were serving – I think in Vietnam – but as soon as their environment returned to normal – they were no longer addicted.

I know you hear about the benefits of environmental change but this was mind-blowing. For more insights like this – make sure you read the book – Atomic Habits. 

Anyway, this morning he said one of the ways to enjoy hard habits is to change your feelings about the habit. Our feelings play such a massive role in our lives. I don’t think many people realise to what level.

Then he said the same words I’d already heard from Kylie Camps who I enjoy listening to on Instagram Stories.

Change your HAVE to GET

Change your HAVE to GET

It’s about making your ‘have to do’ more enjoyable and reprogramming your brain for success. It was in that moment that I realised I GET to walk this morning.

How many areas of your life are you HAVING to do things when we could really be GETTING to do them?

You get to cook a nourishing meal for yourself and your family – because you are worth it.

You get to walk your dog or have time to hit the gym – because you are worth it.

You get to do a thousand loads of washing as you love wearing clean clothes.

You get to enjoy time with your children during the school holidays.

You get to go LIVE on Facebook and interact with your audience.

You get to market your business in a way that feels good to you.

What are some for the things you GET to do?

Write a list.


This simple reframe can get you into the kitchen creating.

This simple reframe can get your our of bed to go walking.

This simple reframe can you get you spending quality time with your children.

This simple reframe can add more joy and pleasure in your life.

Like most 4 years my son Max likes to complain about having to do lots of things. Things such as going to the toilet, wash his hands and have a bath.

And I’ll share with you the same advice I share with him. Every day or most days of your life – you are going to have to use the toilet, wash your hand or insert any other habit here – so you might as well enjoy it!

Reframing will change your perspective and your life.

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