The Freedom Conversion Strategy

An unconventional marketing approach that
throws out the rules, trashes the 'should do's' and elevates your brand

I've been working with business owners since before Facebook (pre 2007) and what I know for sure is that the cookie-cutter methods don't work! And honestly, if you are like many of the women in business I speak with regularly, we have had enough of doing 'what we are supposed to do', especially when it doesn't feel right for you and your business.

I'm here to change this. And it starts with YOU!

Marketing Simplified.

Doesn't it seem like everyone today wants to you set up a complicated funnel,
with upsells, downsells and making your customers jump through hoops?

If the thought of this makes you want to puke, then you are in the right place. 
REAL marketing is about sharing your knowledge with people you can help, in a non-salesy, slimy way.

We want our customers to feel good about doing business with us. 
Not like they are being sold to or tricked - that doesn't make for a good customer experience

- and at the end of the day that is what really matters.

Working together we will find the best strategies and platforms that will form a 
marketing plan that you can be proud of (and your mum too!).

It's super important that we do this work together, so you can feel confident and empowered in your business (and life). 
It's our clutter of thought that blocks us moving forward and achieving what we are called to do.
I'll help you get 'out of your head' and actually enjoy marketing.

Who I Can Help?

If you have a service based business offering your expertise -

such as a coach, consultant, professional, speaker, freelancer, or course creator - 
even aspiring course creators counts - you should book a chat.

I really excel at finding the gaps within people’s businesses and finding additional income opportunities. 

For this reason I’m generally not suited to network marketing and/or
franchise styles businesses where you don’t have 100% control over the marketing or branding.

The work we do together is about building a solid foundational marketing strategy that will see you build a business you desire for your particular season of life. 

I don’t work with ‘get rich quick schemes’ or ‘viral content’. I’m not a one hit wonder and neither are my clients.
I certainly don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics and believe
that with the right strategy your ideal clients will be lining up to work with you.

Natalie is extremely practical to business owners and this is not normal. She has common sense, is easy to understand and a real world approach”

One to One Marketing Strategy:
crafting your marketing strategy and implementation plan together

We will work through the crucial phases of creating a successful marketing strategy that makes you feel good about marketing again. 

Explore : Design : Plan

Starting with your pre session questionnaire and aligned in our first session we explore what you already have, where you want to go and what you need to get you there.  You'll gain insights into your vision, ideal clients, key content and core message.

From there, using my signature - PayMe Formula - we will design your unique non sleazy marketing strategy and implementation plan.

I'll send you everything - strategy document and implementation plan/s - then we will get together again to review the plan and answer your burning questions.

Rest assured, the strategy will be as individual as you are. I'll tune into you (and your preferences) and we will discuss the media, platforms and strategy that will work best for you and your audience. 

I'll share my experience in 'all the things' from websites, copy, branding, paid advertising, email marketing, social media and so much more.

Your Strategy Session & Plan Includes:

  • A detailed questionnaire that asks thought-provoking and powerful questions about your business and how you like to work. This will direct our strategy session and allows me to start thinking prior to our first session together
  • 1 x 2 hour Zoom session discovery, strategy and goal session
  • Armed with this information I'll overlay my experience and create a customised strategy document for your business and an offer for one (1) service offering
  • I'll also provide an implementation plan for the strategy is Asana
  • 1 x 60 minute review and refining session
  • 2 weeks of additional email support after our review call
  • 3 months access to my library of business courses (valued over $300)

Your Investment

AUD$1497 (ex GST) Upfront or AUD$797 (ex GST) per fortnight for 2 fortnights.

*GST of 10% applicable to Australian Businesses Only.

Payment is required to secure your booking and is happily accepted by by credit card, Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer. 

What Others Say


I've been able to consistently gain sales from Facebook and my course - The Members Club is bringing in a weekly income of $2000.00. 

Natalie made the process so simple to implement and get Facebook working for me super fast. 

Melanie Miller 

 / The Profit Lovers


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Michelle Fragias



Natalie is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast

Mandy Maybank

/ Events 4 U


Thanks Natalie. The way I see it I have already got my money's worth, this is a great help.

Mim Micallef

 / Carter Cottages Accommodation


Your content is really helpful and I've learnt so much from your videos. Congratulations. You're a really authentic leader.

Jennifer Rose Bryant

/ Business Women Australia


Loving your information - so informative and practical. THANK YOU!

Sona Thacore

/ Milana Maternity Coaching

Natalie Alaimo

I'm a results focused digital marketer + coach. It really lights me up working with passionate business owners who want to get their message out into the world. I love empowering women to smash through their limiting beliefs and letting themselves shine. I'm based on the sunny Gold Coast but work with clients nationally and internationally. After realising that cold calling is soul-sucking, (and no one wants to be sold to), my saviour was email marketing and attracting the right people to me!

This is your PERMISSION SLIP to have the exact business you want!

Let's work together to make it a reality.

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