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Let’s Talk Content Creation – Facebook Live

Let’s talk Content Creation – a Facebook Live written summary by Natalie Alaimo.

Hi, it’s Natalie Alaimo and thank you for being here either live or if you are catching the replay.

Today I am going live on both Facebook and Instagram plus I’ll be providing a written summary over on my blog at

Let’s talk about Content Creation!

Creating content is a massive part of marketing your business online – whether that be via your website, social media profiles or even SEO strategies such as directory listings.

  • Content is how you reach your audience.
  • Content is how you build a relationship with your audience.
  • Content is also how you convert your audience.

An important consideration for content is to remember that your audience is using your content to either solve a problem they are facing or to find information – which is generally solving a problem as well.

Think of your last time you Googled something… What problem was it solving? Was it opening hours, menu options, productivity tips, lunch box ideas. I’m sure you get the idea.

Today I’m not going into the specifics on what type of content you should be sharing – that ‘s for another day. If you consider problem-solving for your audience then you are on the right track.

Creating Regular Core Content

Today I would like to talk about one of the key elements of content creation – Core Content and more specifically your Regular Core Content.

But, firstly I want to cover the importance of having Regular Core Content. By Regular Core Content – I mean a regular piece of content that you release regularly – for most businesses I recommend weekly and then distribute.

For me, it’s my FB Lives. I go live on FB once a week and then use this content across my blog/website, newsletter and social media profiles – for me that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

But if video isn’t your thing – then you might share your content via a podcast. Which again is released weekly and shared on your blog/website, newsletter and social profiles.

Alternatively, you might just like to write. In which case you could share one epic blog post weekly which is distributed on your website, newsletter and social profiles. If your blog posts are truly epic then monthly might work for you.

The idea is to be in front of your audience regularly with good quality content. This content is then used as the base for your content for the rest of the time period. ie the week.

You’ll get known for that one piece of core content plus you create an easy distribution system from that one piece of content that you, your team or a VA can implement.

A brief overview of how this would work is Facebook Live.

You go live on Facebook with a written summary that you publish on your blog. The written summary is then also published on Linkedin. The video is uploaded to LinkedIn, YouTube and maybe Instagram.

You then create social media content directing people to your website and share this on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

I recommend adding the content to a system such as SmarterQueue or Meet Edgar. Where you can add content in buckets and it will be reshared. By keeping your content evergreen and distributed without any additional work.

Don’t get caught up in the distribution if you aren’t already creating regular content. Focus firstly on creating that Regular Core Content.

I would love to hear from you in you have Regular Core Content. Or if this is something you are keen to try.

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