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If you are running ads on Facebook™ or Instagram™ then you need to make sure you keep your account safe. There are common mistakes I see lots of people making which can lead to your account being disabled and potentially permanently banned.

When using the Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads platform it’s very important that you do the right thing to ensure that you can continue to use the platform. We are at the mercy of their policies and procedures which allow us to advertise.

I’ve heard some horror stories over the years of accounts being disable, banned and unfortunately some have been permanently banned.

Here are some of the most common mistakes which lead to your account being disabled or banned’

High number of disapprovals

Before your ads are live on the platform, they go through an approval process. Based on their policies and terms of use, your ads are assessed to ensure they comply. At times your ads will be rejected and you can ask for them to be reviewed.

However, if your account is continually getting disapproval it can cause your account to be flagged and can lead to your account being disabled. Some industries tend to have a higher disapproval rate as their ad content and images board on what the policies allow.

If your account has had disapproval which weren’t reversed, I recommend deleting the rejected ads from your account and of course, reviewing the policies and reduce the overall number of disapproval you will get moving forward.

Being Spammy

Like anything on the internet, ad accounts can be subject spammers and as a result have unusual activity on them. When this occurs, your account is flags and which can lead it to be disabled and of course banned.

However, at times, unintentionally, we do things on our accounts which can be seen as spammy and flag your account. Generally this is doing things too fast within your account. 

For example if you create a new Facebook™ Page, and then want to spend $3k on ads all in one day. Or if you upload hundreds of ads to your new account. It’s best to take things slowly on Facebook, particularly with a new account.

Violating Any Facebook™ Or Instagram™ Policy

As you can imagine there are a huge amount of policies that govern the use of Facebook™ and Instagram™ that most people won’t be aware of.

Your ads account can be disabled or banned for violating any of the policies, not just the ad policies.

Two of the most common violations I see are;

  • Not having a privacy policy and terms & conditions on your website
  • Violating a non ad policy

It’s important that you are familiar with all the policies that Facebook™ outlines and follow them.

We know that prevention is better than cure and it’s really important that you familiarise yourself with all the policies Facebook™ provides and keep your account in good standing