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Is Your Content Aligned with Your Strategy?

Is your content aligned with your strategy

Why are you creating content for social media?

Is your content aligned with your strategy?

Why are you creating content for social media?

I have spoken to so many business owners over the years, who are struggling with creating content. They think they should be doing it, as it’s the way that we market these days.

But really, when we get down to it, they don’t understand why they’re creating content or what their content is for. This leads to a hodgepodge of information on their Facebook Page, on their Instagram feed and all the other places. This means the content they are creating isn’t aligned to their strategy at all.

And often I found this occurs because they don’t actually have a strategy.

The question you need to ask, is why are we online? Why are we on social media?

If you are in business, and we are using these platforms for marketing, then we want to use it to attract clients.

I’ve got a really simple formula – The PayMe Formula.

It’s SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe.

PayMe Formula – SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe


The first part – SeeMe – it’s really for people to do business with you if they don’t actually know who you are. This phase is all about building up that visibility, building up that community and building up your brand awareness. You want to create content that is going to help you do this.


The second stage is BelieveMe. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, plus that you can help them solve the problems they have. You want to deal with someone that is going to help you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve.

I like to call this type of content, building up your BelieveMe Bank, because every time you create this type of content, you’re making those deposits into your customers’ BelieveMe Bank, which is increasing the chances of them actually working with you.


The final part is PayMe. You know, we’re on social media to market our business. A huge part of marketing businesses is actually selling stuff. So this is the type of content that makes it super easy for your customers to buy from you because people actually do want to buy from you.

But we make it so difficult for them. You need to really clearly articulate how someone can work with you.

When Creating Content Think… What Am I Trying To Achieve?

Using this super simple formula will help you strategically align your content creation.  When creating content think – what am I trying to achieve?

  • Do I want to build my community?
  • Do I want to build my authority?
  • Or do I actually want to get some sales in the door?

It’s important to remember balance. We can’t just sell, sell, sell all the time, or just build our community all the time. It is the balance that makes the whole process work.

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