The step-by-step process for using Facebook Live to Attract, Build, Nurture and Convert your audience.

Can you remember the last time you were watching a Facebook live and thought "This is awesome! I should be doing this for my business?!?"

  • You really connected with the person and gained so much value
  • You saw the impact they were having on their audience and wanted to share your message with your audience
  • You might have even been a bit frustrated thinking, "How do they make it look so easy? I'm scared to even try and what would I even say!"
  • You want to be able to connect with your audience, share your value and make money without feeling all the feels

When it comes to using Facebook Live I know it's not on the top of your list. But you totally know your audience is hanging out on Facebook!

You know that Facebook organic reach is close to zilch but you don't have mountains of time or money to be posting in groups or throwing money at advertising.

You know video is hot right now, but more than that, it's a real way to connect with your audience, which you desperately want to do.

Video can be scary, nerve racking and in my experience most people don't even know where to start.

What would you talk about and how does all the tech work?

Some people make it look so easy!

I've got the answers for you, but first I want to share why Facebook is investing heavily into video at the moment and why you should too.

Facebook is investing in Facebook Live and here is why you should too!

  • Facebook Live videos have 3 times the engagement over traditional videos.
  • Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in the news feed when they are live compared to after the broadcast.
  • People are 3 times more likely to watch a video while it’s live compared to when they are no longer live.
  • Facebook has invested $50 million in getting celebrities and influencers to start using Facebook Live, as they know this will follow on to us regular users.
  • Generally speaking you are only as good as your last post on Facebook. What I mean by this is that the reach from your previous post gives Facebook an indication as to the relevancy of your content and what people want to see. Therefore frequently doing Facebook Lives provides a natural boost within the news feed for your page.
  • Facebook users comment 10 times more on a live video than regular videos.
  • Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.
  • Facebook Live video is the top rank in terms of the Facebook algorithm and how your content is ranked against others
  • Facebook Live Video build your BelieveMe Bank super fast (this is your credibility and can turn your browsers into buyers fast)

FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish is the 3-part system that will take you
through the process of confidently delivering your next high impact Facebook Live.

FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish helps you with all three phases of your Facebook Live!

Here is exactly what's included in FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish:

Module One: Plan

Goal: Before you hit the 'live' button be prepared so you can have the greatest IMPACT on your audience and leave a lasting impression.

  • Pin point your Live purpose and deliver using the best FORMAT to get your message across
  • STOP the Facebook scroll when you write 'enticing' titles and descriptions that your audience can't help but watch
  • Using my signature 'Content Framework' you can plan every step of your Live so you are never fumbling and wondering what to say next
  • Powerfully introduce yourself and how you can help without losing your audience and big noting yourself

Module Two: Present

Goal: Present your Live video with fun, clarity and confidence so you can make the impact you want!

  • Boost your confidence and deliver with IMPACT, not nerves
  • Drawing on years I've spent speaking to live groups, I'll share my top presentation tips to keep your audience engaged and help you deliver you message with clarity
  • Learn how to 'manage' Live video to keep your audience watching Live and increase replays
  • Using my "Going Live" checklist you will deliver a fun and confident presentation each and every time

Module Three: Publish

Goal: Learn how to LEVERAGE your Live video for more reach, impact and results on both Facebook and other platforms. I'll show you from one video how you can create a months worth of content for you blog, emails and social media platforms.

  • The 4 steps you MUST do immediately after you have finished your live.
  • My complete DISTRIBUTION process and user friendly checklist
  • How to polish your videos on Facebook for more organic reach, views and engagement
  • Create a months worth of content from one Facebook Live Video for your blog, email and all the other social media platforms



12 Months Access + Support

I'm also giving you these sweet bonuses to help you get the most from FB Live:

Bonus #1 - Foundation Videos

To be successful online you need a solid foundation. Included in the Bonus Foundation videos are the PayMe Formula, Determining Your Target Market and Creating High Converting Sales Processes.

Bonus #2 - Facebook Community

You don't have to be alone in business. Join our inspiring Facebook community and feel supported.

I'll be popping in a couple of times a week to say hi and help out where I can.

Bonus #3 - Worksheets + Cheatsheets

Implementation is the GOAL. To help you speed up implementation I've included as many worksheets, cheatsheets, examples and swipe files as possible. Use real life examples to model and get the work done.



12 Months Access + Support

Why others love FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish

  • Simple Straight Forward Advice

    Natalie is my kind of girl who speaks my kind of language. She doesn’t bamboozle and she keeps things simple which I need in order to be able to take it in and not be frightened off. She’s been paramount in the growth of my confidence and by extension, my business.

  • Loving It

    I have just purchased and loving it – thanks, Natalie.

  • Confidence To Market My Business

    This is a must, I feel more confident and professional when marketing my business using Facebook.

    Even after the first day I had learnt so much that I felt confident enough to get on and schedule heaps of posts.

Who Is Natalie?

I’m Natalie (you can call me Nat if you like)

I’m building a beautiful community of women in business, just like you;

Ultra passionate.  Lifestyle seekers. Family jugglers.

Doing the best you can each and everyday.

After realising that cold calling sucked and marketing budgets were tiny, I developed my own quick and simple system of using Facebook to generate new clients, leads and sales for free.

Today as a busy mum to Max, I’ve got a flourishing business that allows me to work around nap times and kindy days (thank God for kindy), with a weekly tap dancing class thrown in for my own sanity.

Not Sure If FB Live Is Right For You?

It's for you if ...

  • You want to attract, build and nurture your community on Facebook.
  • You don't want to be at the mercy of the Facebook algorithm and want free organic reach
  • You want to create content: quickly and easily.
  • You know FB Live's and video are important but not how to get started.

It's not for you if ...

  • You have it all figured out
  • You aren't prepared to do the work to make it happen
  • You are negative and think the 'nothing' will ever work for you
  • You aren't willing to try video
What happens if I've got questions during the course? +

I want you to feel supported when you are going through the FB Live Course. For this reason I’ve included access to our Facebook Community where you can interact, ask questions and seek feedback. Our Facebook Community is full of business owners who are going through the same ‘business’ journey as you. It’s a beautiful supportive environment where you can get the help you need to keep moving forward to reach your business dreams. Myself and my team will pop in and assist where we can as well. We also conduct regular check ins - either via the group, FB Lives or webinars to keep you motivated and on track.

How long do I have to complete the course? +

When you join you have instant access to all the whole course and any bonus materials. I've designed the course as a self paced home study course.  You can binge watch or take it one video at a time. You have 12 months of access from the date of purchase. At the end of 12 month you will have the option to renew which will provide you another 12 months of access and support. 

What results can I expect? +

Without knowing you or your business, I can't guarantee any results. That would be silly. And to be honest, no one else can either. I can however guarantee that after actually implementing the lessons within FB Live you will give yourself the best chance of attracting, nurturing and converting your Facebook community via FB Lives. You will be in a better position than before.


What’s your refund policy? +

In order for us to provide such a high value course at a very affordable price we are unable to offer refunds (unless required by the Australian Consumer Law). We trust that, based on the free valuable content we provide prior to your purchase, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this course is right for you.



12 Months Access + Support