How to Transfer Your Profile Into A Page On Facebook

Facebook provides two main account types – Profiles + Pages.  Profiles have been designed specifically for individuals to connect with their friends and family. They haven’t been designed to promote your business. That is why Facebook created Pages.

However, when some people get started, they don’t realise which account type they need and therefore they have created a Profile instead of a Page for promoting their business.  Luckily Facebook has provided the option for transferring your Profile into a Page.

Before you scroll down and follow the step by step instructions, please realise that when you transfer to a Page only your Profile Image will be transferred and your Friends will become Fans. All the other content on your Profile will be deleted by Facebook.

You have the option to ‘download’ your content so you have a copy on your computer. You can then re upload this content to your Page. If you are ready to do this, please follow the instructions below;

1. Download Your Profile

Login into your account on Facebook Click on the ‘arrow’ in the top right corner and select “settings”


This will take you to your Facebook Account Settings



Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook Data”

Follow the process as directed by Facebook.  You will be required to re enter your password.  They will then send you an email when it’s ready to download. Once your profile has been download, keep going.  Please wait until this is done and you have looked at the information and know that it is OK, before transferring your Profile to a Page.

2. Convert Your Profile to Page

Make sure your Profile has been download Login into your account on Facebook Enter this url into the browser (or click on it) – You will now be on the create a Page page and will see the special migrate message at the top in the yellow box.
Create your page by selecting your Page Category To create your Facebook Page correctly, please follow the instructions here

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