Can’t find that post in a Facebook Group?

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As mentioned previously in my last post about Facebook Groups, I have purchased many courses just to get access to their Facebook Groups.  It’s an awesome place to network, and of course learn heaps of information from the other members.

The one issue with groups on Facebook is that it’s hard to find older posts. By default the most recent commented on the post is at the top, which means some of the juicy topics are hidden down below. Well not any more.  

I found this really cool new feature on Facebook groups which allows you to find whichever post you want! I’ve outlined all the steps you need in the video below, but if you aren’t a video person here are the step by step instructions as well.

1. Jump over to your favourite Facebook group. If you are a member of the Ask Natalie Academy I’m sure it’s our group, if not any group will do.

2. Under the top banner and all the Facebook tabs you will see on the far right a magnifying glass. Yes it’s been there all along and none of us saw it! Click on this and a new box “search this group” will come up.

3. From here you can type in the words or phrases you are looking for. Facebook will then do all the heavy lifting for you and find you all the posts in the group which contain these phrases or words.

4. You can then just click on the post you were looking for. If you want to know what the permalink (the permanent link) of this post is, check out this video on how to do this.

Happy days! You can now easily find what you are looking for in Facebook Groups.

For those who like to see things in video, check it out here.

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Natalie Alaimo

I’m a results-focused, data-driven experienced marketer who works with high-performing women in business. Specialising in Facebook Ads & 6 Figure Funnels for online course creators, coaches and consultants, I blend real-world experience, intuition with intelligent data to create outstanding results for my clients.

  • Kathy says:

    Only problem is that yes you can type looking for an item or some such but type in your own name to look for one of your posts and it comes up blank nothing found……….I used to be able to just type in my name and anything that was put up with that name would show but now I have to either type in say cars for some cars I’m selling and so on for each of my listings instead of having it easy by typing in my name and being able to see wat I have posted in one hit.

  • Hey Kathy I’m still able to enter my name and find posts. Try adding ” ” before and after your name.

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