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Facebook Page Admin Roles – Who, What & Why?

For a very long time Facebook users have been waiting for Facebook to provide them with different levels of page administrators. It used to be that the original page creator couldn’t be deleted as a page admin, and thankfully that has been changed. Until that change came about, any admin could delete any other admin – which, as you can imagine, caused some issues when businesses didn’t go exactly as planned. However enough about the past, let’s move to the present and cover what is happening now with Facebook admins. Finally we have different levels of administrators, with different roles. So the question is – which level is right for your business? The five levels are:

  • Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Insight Analyst

The diagram below, provided by Facebook, outlines each of the tasks each admin can do. The major benefit I see now, is that you can have a third party manage your Facebook page without giving them full control over your page. If you are looking for someone to manage your page you should only provide them with Content Creator access. This means when the relationship is finished you can remove them from your page and your Facebook Marketing is safe.
facebook user tasks
Most of my customers would only need to use Manager, Content Creator and Insight Analyst, however I’ve outlined below different reasons or situations you may want to use the different levels of admins.


This should only be for the business owner only (who should create the page themselves) and one other trusted person. See the last section below for more details on this.

Content Creator

If someone else is managing your Facebook page, you should provide them with Content Creator status. This way they can edit and create apps for the page, as well as create and publish the content. This person (or company) may be a virtual assistant, a staff member or a social media management company. Now that we have this option, it is no longer necessary to provide full access to your page, as the Content Creator can do everything they need to do to manage the content of your page.


This level won’t be required for many small business owners, however for big community pages or larger companies this level will be very helpful. It will allow the big community pages or larger companies to have more control over the administration of the content on their page. The Moderator can only respond to comments from likers of the page, send messages and monitor inappropriate comments. They are unable to post any new content.


If you are planning on using an external company for your Facebook advertising, this is an ideal admin level for their access. They aren’t able to make any changes on your page but can still direct traffic to via Facebook advertising.

Insight Analyst

This level is ideal if you are looking at outsourcing your social media. Give Insight Analyst access to a company who you’re negotiating with for outsourcing of your social media. Using this level they are able to view your current metrics and make recommendations without having access to make any changes on your page. I believe this admin level will be very valuable and used more than most people will think.

Here are my recommendations for your page

I’ve always said in my trainings that you need to have at least two admin on your page. This way if something was to happen to your personal profile someone else can still access your page. Using this reasoning, I would recommend having two Manager roles, and as many of the other levels as is required. There is no official word on what happens if a page doesn’t have any Managers (or a Manager) who can’t access the page, however I’m assuming that a Content Creator can’t be automatically upgraded. Therefore it’s important that you have at least two Managers. A Manager should be someone; you trust (i.e. partner, business partner, sibling), follows the Facebook rules and a person you aren’t likely to have a falling out with (which could get nasty).

These changes are a great step forward in helping business owners with the security of their Facebook page. Have you been concerned about the security of your page or had a situation where you couldn’t access your page any more? Share on my Facebook Page.

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