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Facebook Live Topics: 5 Different Ways You Can Broadcast Live

In this Facebook live I’m sharing; Facebook Live Topics: 5 different ways you can broadcast live (including one where you don’t have to show your face!).

This is the written summary of my Facebook Live presentation.

If we haven’t met before, I wanted to introduce myself. Together with my mum, Leonie, we teach people women how to build and market a business ‘on their terms’.

In today’s market, the ‘cookie cutter’ approach is leaving us feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Success doesn’t follow one path, I truly believe that everyone can be successful doing things the way they want.

Ok. Let’s talk about Facebook Live!

Who has done a Facebook Live before? Or would you like to do one?

What’s stopping you?

Fear? Content? Both?

I know it can be fearful being on camera especially when you are Live, but I can guarantee that there are ways you can dramatically reduce this.

In my course, FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish I spend oodles of time planning and prepping you.

Even with all my experience and live presentations over the years, I still feel nervous. I reduce my nerves by being prepared and knowing my topic. Particularly my content outline – FB Live: Content Framework.

Today we are here to talk about Facebook Live Topics. You can use the same framework for going live on Instagram or YouTube.

Facebook Live Topic One – Casual Conversation

While we are having a casual conversation now, I would consider this educational, as I want you to walk away with specific value. To have learnt something you can implement.

Where a casual conversation doesn’t require the same structure.

When hosting a casual conversation, you could have just you or more people. I personally don’t use this format as it makes me more nervous as like structure.

However, this works really well for some brands. Leina Broughton does this really well. They have a Facebook Group and Page where they host weekly wrap-ups and it’s often one or two of them. Sometimes with a glass of wine discussing what’s happened during the week and what their plans for upcoming clothes are.

It’s really low key, low pressure, conversational and from what I can see works really well in building their community and of course selling clothes.

If you are comfortable having a chat without structure this might be a good topic style for you.

Facebook Live Topic Two – How To

How To, is a huge topic and if your market allows for it, you can get awesome results.

It helps you build your community, relationship and convert to paying customers.

Two companies doing this really well are:

4 Ingredients – they regularly go live and cook. Showing you have easy it is to make delicious meals for your family, friends and even pets. They have a bigger audience, over 700,000 and use Facebook Lives to boost their reach and deepen their relationships.

Baby Sensory Gold Coast – Tania showed you how to make a sensory pat matt using a hair straighten. It reached 49,000 views and their page has under 3,000 fans.

The key is to make your ‘how to’ as clear and easy as possible for people to follow and understand.

Do you know of any ‘how to’ videos?

Facebook Live Topic Three – Educational

Educational is certainly my personal preference and where I feel most comfortable.

I use my Content Framework. See the FB Live: Content Framework video version here or I take you further in depth in my Facebook Live Course – FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish.

It’s basically where you share 3 – 5 main points on a topic to educate your audience.

Using my Content Framework allows your audience to retain the most amount of information as it has built-in prompts for you. It reinforces your educational message which of course helps to build your community and sales.

It also shows you how to effectively build in calls to action within your Facebook Live.

In terms of topic ideas consider:

  • Questions that people are asking you
  • What leads people to purchase from you? What information do they need to know?

Facebook Live Topic Four – Live Group Activities

This isn’t going to work for audiences and markets. If you are hosting an event or doing some type of group activity such as meditation, working out or goal setting it can be effective.

How can you guide someone through a practical activity?

For this to work you need to give people prior notice – ie join me tomorrow and we will set our monthly goals together or get your running shoes ready for our live warm-up session.

These events help people to be ‘part of the action’ without actually being there.

It can work well if there is a group there with you.

Facebook Live Topic Five – Webinar Style With Slides

Facebook now allows you to share your screen (on desktop). This means I could have created slides or images for this video and presented it as a webinar.

It still provides the same benefits of a Live video, but you don’t have to show your face or even brush your hair!

For this method, you can use the Content Framework to structure your content.

My recommendation, however, would be to go live with your face. People want to see you and build that relationship with you.

FB Live: Plan, Present & Publish

If you want to use Facebook Live to attract, build, nurture and convert your audience then you must join my step by step course – FB Live: Plan, Present and Publish.

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