Are you ready to grow your business with Facebook & Instagram Ads?

With over 12 years of Facebook Marketing experience I'm able to create, manage & scale your Facebook & Instagram Campaigns with confidence & great returns...

I've been working with Facebook Ads since they first launched in Australia and
what I know for sure - is that if you don't know what you are doing -
you might as well be throwing your money away

And honestly, not every business is ready for advertising on Facebook.
(but most consultants & ad managers won't tell you this.)

Facebook Advertising is ever changing & without a strong understanding
you can quickly throw good money after bad - with no results to show.

If you are sick of wasting time, money & your sanity amidst the maze of
copy, images, audiences, custom conversion, pixels & more then I can help.

Done For You Facebook Ads Management

When you work with me, I'll provide:

  • Customised ad strategy
  • Ad copy & image creation
  • Daily ad monitoring & tweaking/optimisation as required
  • Regular correspondence with you
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Complete transparency (you can see everything I'm doing within your ad manager)

I'm 100% committed to getting you results. To make this happen, I only work with a very limited number of clients at a time.

Who I Can Help?

  • Established course creators who have tested their funnel aka you can sell to organic traffic & are keen to amplify your results with advertising. Note: If you haven't made many sales yet, that is ok, however you need to be prepared to invest in testing your funnels.
  • Established service based business owners selling their expertise - coaches, consultants, speakers, freelancers, or professionals who are looking to increase leads and build your list.
  • If you are running your own ads - but aren't 100% sure if they are working & you are keen to get an expert's eye on them.

Facebook Ads Management Process

Bespoke Ad Strategy & Management To Achieve
Your Required Return on Investment

Bespoke Ad Strategy

Together we will agree upon your desired ROI & then I'll create a customised ad strategy to achieve this.

Funnel Review

Your funnel has a massive impact on advertising results. I'll review the entire process & offer recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Pixel Audit

Your Pixel is KEY to accurate tracking & results. I'll conduct an entire funnel pixel audit & make adjustments as required.

Standard Events &
Custom Conversion Audit

Your desired ROI can only be achieved with accurate tracking. Using standard events & custom conversions ensures nothing is missed. I'll conduct an audit & make adjustments as required.

Ad Copy

Based on your existing brand voice and funnel copy, I'll create ad copy to increase conversions.

Image Design

Based on your existing branding and imagery, I'll create and test a series of images to compliment the ad copy.

Audience Selection & Targeting

After researching your ideal client, I'll use Facebook to create custom audiences & laser target them in your campaigns. Your audiences will include a mixture of cold, warm, custom and lookalike. 

Campaign Set Up

Within your Facebook Ads Manager I'll create & setup your ads. Monthly I'll focus on up to 4 campaigns with multiple ad set & ads in each.

Daily Monitoring 

I personally review your campaigns daily to monitor cost per result and ensure we are on track to meet your required ROI.

Campaign Tweaking, Optimisation & Refreshing

Your ads are regularly tweaked, optimised or refreshed to ensure your desired ROI is achieved. Regular testing is done to drive down costs while keeping returns high.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

Each month you will receive an email with a detailed report outlining your campaigns, ad spend, results and insights for improvements.

Regular Communication

You won't be in the dark.  I'll be in regular communication via email or  phone to discuss your campaigns.

Real Facebook Ad Results

facebook ads results - webinar leads

Evergreen Webinar Leads for $0.63 cents

facebook ads results - digital product

ROAS 10.15 with a $5.11 cost per purchase & $3,526.60 income
Digital product

facebook ads ecommerce

$9,966.86 income from $519.16 ad spend

facebook ads results - local business

$9,456 in bookings for $477.81 spend
Local amusement venue

Your Investment

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Packages start from AUD $2500 (ex GST) per month for evergreen campaigns.
Launch Packages start from AUD $4000 (ex GST)
On our call I'll discuss the best package and investment to suit your goals.

*GST of 10% applicable to Australian Businesses Only.

Advertising costs are paid directly to Facebook. Ad spend of at least $2500 per month required.

Words from my happy clients

I was amazed at how quickly Natalie has been able to get results for me. I have never had much success with sending ads to sales products but my e-commerce store is seeing a revival now that Natalie is creating the campaigns and selling to the right audiences! 

My audience and email list are growing quickly and I feel like I can include Facebook Ad's as part of my overall strategy now rather than something I felt I just 'had to do cause everyone else is'.  

Natalie helps me to see the bigger picture and make Facebook work for me rather than me just handing Facebook money and hoping for the best!

Jodie Clarke
/ The Empowered Educator

Prior to working with Natalie, I felt very nervous about running ads because the system looked complex and detailed. I was fumbling my way through and realised I needed a professional.

I was frustrated as the process was difficult to work out on my own and I couldn’t truly understand how to track our results.

I’m very grateful to be working with Natalie - she is the best of the best and I can trust in her professional ability and know we’ll get the results we need.

Yoland Swasbrook
/ Zero Latency Gold Coast

Natalie Alaimo


Natalie Alaimo

I'm a results focused digital marketer, Facebook Advertising specialist & coach. My passion is helping business owners get their message out into the world. I love empowering women to smash through their limiting beliefs & achieving their dreams. I'm based on the sunny Gold Coast Australia, however I work with clients nationally & internationally. After realising that cold calling is soul-sucking, (and no one wants to be sold to), my saviour was digital marketing and attracting the right people to me!

Amplify your results with Facebook Advertising

Let's work together to make it a reality