Are You Struggling To Create Consistent Content?

Are you Struggling to Create Consistent Content?

In order for our business to be successful, we need to be seen, believed and paid by our ideal clients and creating content is how we do this!


However, consistently creating content can be a struggle. In this video, I want to share my top 5 tips for creating consistent content.

The content you create using this system can be used for social media, blogs, website and of course your email marketing.

Step One: Brainstorming

Easier said than done right? For many people coming up with ideas is a big struggle. The idea is to really have some focused time to get all of those ideas out of your head onto a piece of paper.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

What I also find helps is that as you are going about your everyday life, as ideas pop into your head, create a running list. Put all your ideas down on paper.

Step Two: Plan Core Content

The idea is to aim for one piece of core content for each week. To begin with, you can either plan four or five topics depending on where you are in the month or how much content you want to get done in advance. However, the aim is to have one core piece of content each week. I'm going to show you how you can use that content across the board on all of your social platforms and your email marketing and website to make the content creation process a lot easier for you.

Step Three: Create The Content

This system works really well if you create a video or go live on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, however, if you don’t want to go live - you can also create a podcast. 

Ideally you want to create content as a video or podcast as it leads into step four - which is to get your content transcribed and to repurpose. 

If you find that you are more of a writer, you can still use this system to create epic blog posts. But ideally, if you can create a video first, I generally find this is a speedier way to get that content out as opposed to writing. 

Are you struggling to create consistent content?

Step Four: Transcribe & Repurpose

Once you have that content, you're going to get it transcribed and you're going to repurpose it. So from one video, or podcast, or however you're creating that content, you can actually create a newsletter, you can create a blog, you can create a series of social media content. 

Your social media content could be quotes pulled out of your content, long-form posts, short-form posts, Instagram stories. You can use that one core content idea to repurpose and create - at least one weeks’ worth of content, if not more.

Step Five: Block Out The Time

You need to take the time to complete the work! What I recommend doing, particularly if you're just starting out, to block out four or five hours. For you that might mean that you need to block it out in 30 minute intervals. It might be in hour increments, you might be lucky enough to do a four or five-hour stretch. 

Whatever is going to work for you, you need to block out the time, and you need to start creating the content. And ideally, what you want to do is get ahead of yourself. You will need to create four weeks of content and do that regularly - this way you are always in front of the curve. 

If you did actually want to go live with your content, and do a live stream on Instagram or Facebook, you can have all of this planned out in advance and then just go live once a week and then do the repurposing part. 

I hope that really helps you with a framework of how you can show up consistently in your business with creating content. 

Conversion Content Cues

If you are struggling with the very first step which is brainstorming. I'd love for you to check out my course - Conversion Content Cues - I’ve put together 100 plus content cues that are going to help you get all of that good, juiciness out of your head into content that you can create. I've also included a lot of additional information about content strategy and everything you need to get up and running with creating content consistently online. 

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