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Natalie Live – Content Plan For 2018

Tonight, we are going to cover a Content Plan for 2018.

Hi I’m Natalie Alaimo and thank you for joining me on my first Facebook Live for 2018. I’ve got lots of exciting content to share with you, both tonight and in 2018.

If you can hear me, please say hi in the comments so I know that everything is working correctly. I’m attempting to broadcast live on both Facebook and Instagram, so hopefully it’s working.

If we haven’t met before my name is Natalie Alaimo and together with my mum and business partner, Leonie, we run Natalie Alaimo International. We help women in business gain clarity, magnify their message and create their ideal businesses. We do this by providing online training in our membership site – The Business Hub – on a range of topics from marketing, Facebook, content creation, email marketing and so much more.

Our website is and you can find lots of free resources and information there.

Tonight, we are going to cover a Content Plan for 2018.

Content, and more specifically content marketing, is what drives online marketing and social media. Not much is happening on these ‘online platforms’ without content. When done correctly it will attract your ideal clients, build and nurture your relationships and make sales. When not done correctly, nothing much happens.

With a plan your content ends up a miss match muck of nothing that doesn’t achieve any goals for you and can eat into your time.

So how do you plan your content?

The three main steps are:

  1. Purpose/goal
  2. Platform/s
  3. Timing

Before I cover the main steps, let me share that I’m going to be hosting a Facebook Live and Instagram Stories Live each weekly – mostly.

If you don’t want to miss any, I can send you a weekly reminder via Facebook Messenger. All you need to do is click on this link here

I’m using a service called ManyChats and honestly it’s a little confusing, so I’m hoping it will work. Just click on this link here and we can test it together.


This is the most important step, the one that you should take before creating any single piece of content. What is your purpose or goal for the content? What do you want it to achieve.

When taking into consideration your sales funnel/process aka SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe where does your content fit and what do you need to focus on?

Speaking of the PayMe Formula, I’m hosting a free live masterclass that will take you through how to set up your own sales funnel using the SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe Formula. It’s on Monday 22 Jan at 7:15pm AEST (Qld time) and you can register at

For me in 2018, gaining sales is of course my primary objective, as I’m sure it is for everyone – otherwise we just have hobbies and not businesses.

However, I know in order to achieve my sales goals, my focus needs to be on the SeeMe and BelieveMe components initially.

I need to focus on being seen and visible plus building and nurturing my community.

2017 wasn’t a great year in my business as I’ve shared in my recent blog – My Business Focus for 2018. I’ll post the link for you below. And based on my results last year I know to improve in 2018 that my focus is on being seen and building my community.

Therefore your first step is to determine your primary and secondary goals for your content.

Platform/s + Timing

Which platform/s are you going to focus on? You can’t effectively be everywhere. It’s too hard and you will fail.

I find that often we set ourselves up for failure. We set unrealistic and unachievable goals that are so far removed from where we are now, that it’s too far out of our comfort zone to achieve.

If you try to master every single platform at once you will fail. Therefore focus on one, two if you must.

  • SeeMe Phase – Visibility – Social Media – Facebook and secondary Instagram
  • BelieveMe Phase – Build and nurture – blog and email marketing
  • PayMe Phase – website

Therefore my main social media focus is Facebook.

I know there is constantly so many changes with Facebook and every other platform – that’s the nature of social media.

There is changes in reach, algorithm … you name it, it’s changed.

Everything is changing and we can’t control it. We can only work with what we can control.

With this in mind my goal is to get the best results from the least amount of effort. For this reason I’m committed to showing up each and every week for a Facebook Live.


  • Facebook loves video
  • It’s free
  • Facebook Live generates awesome free organic reach
  • Video increases my SeeMe bank quickly and builds relationships fast

Hence the reason for the weekly Facebook Lives and I’ve got plans for a new course in 2018 to help you achieve great results with Facebook Live.

As I mentioned at the beginning I’m also attempting to broadcast on Instagram at the same time. We have fairly good internet so it should be fine and over the coming weeks I’ll monitor the stats and let you know if that will continue.

SeeMe Phase – Social Media

I’ll be doing Facebook Live and Instagram Stories Live weekly.

In terms of other content I’ll be posting 5 times per week mainly on Facebook and this content will be a combination of quotes, blogs (both that I’ve written and read), insights + tips, webinar announcements and behind the scenes fun.

BelieveMe Phase – Blog + Newsletter

Weekly blog as the aim with my blog is to be consistent, provide value and build my list. There will be a combination of inspiring women interviews, Facebook Lives either transcribed or with notes, Epic Content for listing building.

In my Facebook Live for next week I’ll talk specifically about epic content: Why it’s important, how to structure it, how much content you need and how to use it to grow your list.

Newsletter – Weekly

This will contain a personal intro, blog content and invitations to join The Business Hub – my membership site for women in business. It provides step by step learnings on how to market your business online and new content is being added all the time.

Summary: Content Plan for 2018

  1. Purpose/goal = Build SeeMe Bank
  2. Platform/s = ideally 1 or 2 maximum, consider your sales funnel (SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe)
  3. Timing – weekly Facebook Lives, blog and newsletter: 5 times per week on social media (Facebook + Instagram)

The links mentioned in the Facebook Live are posted below for you: 

Reminders to weekly Facebook Lives via Facebook Messenger which are each Monday from 7:15pm AEST

PayMe Masterclass held on Monday 22 Jan at 7:15pm

My Business Focus 2018 Blog

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you next week where I’ll be sharing how to create epic content for your blog so you can build your list.

I can’t wait to see your content in 2018.

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