Keen to increase (or start) your ad spend
but scared you won’t get the results you want?

Transform Your Advertising Fears into Confidence with The Ads Profit Planner

Are you a driven woman entrepreneur with an established course, ready to elevate your reach and sales?

Perhaps you’ve been nurturing your venture organically, but now you feel the plateau of growth; the organic content that once fueled your success isn’t cutting it anymore.

You know it’s time to harness the power of ads to amplify your reach, but there’s a catch.

You’ve been here before, perhaps burned by ads that promised much but delivered little, leaving you wary of treading those waters again.

We hear you.

That’s exactly why The Ads Profit Planner is your essential ally.

Designed for women like you, who are on the cusp of scaling up but hesitant due to past ad experiences, our tool demystifies ad spending and turns it into a strategic asset for your business growth.

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Simple, Effective, Empowering

  1. Enter Your Details: Just your name and email to get started.
  2. Use The Ads Profit Planner: Input your planned ad spend, average course price, cost per lead, and conversion rates. In moments, see a clear, concise breakdown of your budget, projected leads, sales, and overall return on ad spend.
  3. Embrace Advertising with Confidence: Armed with knowledge, make informed decisions that propel your business forward without the fear of wasted investment.

If we haven’t met before

Hey, I’m Natalie Alaimo

Mum, wife, Lego superfan, tap dancer, funnel strategist, and values-driven Ads Manager.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients in almost every industry in the online world (home renovation, real estate, professional services, technology providers, coaches – you name it!), discovering what it takes to make Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads work reliably for them and their magical offers (even with the constant changes in the world of ads).

In 2021 and 2022 alone, I worked ‘behind the scenes’ in over 27 live launches and 10 evergreen funnels, managing over $4.5 million in ad spend and bringing in $7 million of revenue for my clients.

In short, I know what works. 

But what really sets me apart is that I’ve also spent over $100,000 of my own money on Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads for a marketing business of mine that sold online courses.

Learning to make $30k revenue on a $4k monthly ad spend (for a $97 course) didn’t happen overnight. But it gave me the familiarity with the very real stomach-jolt feeling of, ‘Oh shit. This is a lot of money to drop on ads each month.’

That’s why I know it matters that your marketing budget (and efforts) result in actual sales, revenue and profit.

And that’s why I wanted to make it easier for course creators and coaches like you to get set up with ads that convert AND feel confident managing those ads at each stage of your launch or evergreen campaign. 

No more spending your time and hard-earned small business dollars on trial and error. 

No more headaches and hassles that come with navigating new tech. 

No more compromising your values, your free time or your life.

Use The Ad Profit Planner today and watch your confident soar.

Disclaimer: This site and its services/products are in no way endorsed or affiliated with Meta/Facebook or any of its entities. There are no guarantees that you will earn money from the training in this program, generate leads or make sales with Facebook Ads. Your results will vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to your experience, skills, financial circumstances, education, commitment, changing technologies and your market. Results and testimonials are not average results – and who wants to be average anyway.

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