Keeping Up With the Times – How Computer Literate are You?

So you’re not that “computer literate” “Sure I can use a computer, but don’t give me that hard stuff to do!” Sound like you? There are many people both young and old who don’t want to get onto the “computer bandwagon”. Are you one of them?

Well it’s completely your choice. But if you’re in business, regardless of what your business is, you’d be better off if you did have some computer literacy. Now you know, I’m not unique in using the computer to seek out information when I want to purchase. Your customers probably do exactly the same thing as I do. So how do I use the computer when I’m ready to purchase?

Look up opening hours of a business

Just yesterday I was at a conference at Q1 in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. Natalie and I were going to have breakfast before the conference started and use that time to go over our notes, so I looked up the Crema Expresso at Q1 to see what time they opened. They opened at 6.30am. That was early enough for us. Would they have lost my business if their times were not on their website. They certainly would have. We would have chosen a place that was in the vicinity which we knew would be opened so we knew that we would be able to have breakfast before starting our work day. Are your opening hours on your website?

Check address of a business

Give your customers a map so they can find you easily.

Give your customers a map so they can find you easily.

Many of us remember the Yellow Pages slogan … “let your fingers do the walking”. I’m not sure if it’s still used, but …. well I guess people still let their fingers do the walking, but it’s on a keyboard now. Yes I will check the address of a business that I’m going to for the first time if I’m not sure where it is. It could be a doctor’s office, a shoe shop that someone has recommended to me, a shop where I can purchase specialty spices, the place where I”m going to park my car when I’m travelling interstate or overseas, etc. Is your address, and a map, on your website?

Check out the Menu of a Restaurant

My family and I love to eat out, and we’re always trying different restaurants, so we’re always going online to check out the menus. Do you have your menu on your website? You don’t have to be a restaurant to use this tip. Your menu could be a list of the brands you stock if you’re a clothing store or an electrical store. It could be a list of your services and how they could benefit your customer, or it could be a list of the speciality items you stock. Think about how you can help your customer or potential customer find you because of the goods that you sell.

Specialty Business

Optometrists – they’re all over the place. In every shopping centre. It’s easy to get an appointment and have a check-up. Well that’s true. I wear contact lenses and found that I was becoming unhappy with my lenses and what I was able to see. I booked in for an eye examination and the practitioner gave me a trial pair of contact lenses to see how they worked for me. They weren’t too bad, except my distance vision was annoying me. I’d sit at a table in a restaurant and the waiter, one table away, well his face would be blurred. Very annoying.

I went back to the optometrist and told him of my discomfort. He suggested that the problem could be fixed with hard lenses. He told me that he could help with those, except that I would have to “sit in the chair” a lot because his company didn’t have the expensive equipment to get the perfect reading. I thought about this for a a few weeks. I decided that I would give hard lenses a try even though they have their drawbacks (expensive, difficult to adjust to, etc.) But should I be going to the company who didn’t have the proper equipment to test my eyes. The optometrist did assure me that I would end up with the correct lenses because he would continually get trial lenses until we found the ones that were right for me   … oh, really?

I needed to do a bit of investigation into this. So where did I go. The internet of course. I searched for a contact lens specialist, then I did a search for a contact lens specialist in my area. I would have travelled to get the right person, but fortunately I found him about a 15 minute drive from my home. Why did I choose this company. Well their website told me that they were independent so they were “able to choose the very best lens system for our patient’s needs, from whichever company may make it”. They had been practicing in the same location for over 20 years. There was information on each staff member and when I read about John Boyce it sounded like he had the expertise and the experience, and it explained how he keeps on the cutting edge of the industry.

I made an appointment, and John Boyce tested my vision and tested the overall health of my eyes. Then he explained it all to me, including the fact that hard lenses weren’t the best solution for me. I now have the best contact lenses I’ve ever had had. My expectations were well and truly delivered.

What Is Your Speciality?

Are you talking about your speciality on your website? So what’s the lesson in this. People are out there looking for you and your business. They want the products you have, the service you offer, the expertise, the location, the unique opening hours, or the extra quick turnaround time …. or something else. You have to tell your story. You have to be in the places they are searching. Are you? Have a good look at your website and read through each page to see how you could improve it. Organise to have a brainstorming sessions with your staff to discuss how you could make improvements. Ask your current customers what they would like to see on your website. I’d love to have your feedback on what you have found works to bring in new customers to your business.