Launch high converting Facebook Ads Fast with Facebook Ad Intensive

Get expertly researched, strategically created Facebook Ads – set up ready to launch in just 7 business days

Ellie Swift - Facebook Ads Management

“I ended up welcoming 110 people into my high-ticket program!”

And with Nat’s help, the FB and IG ads created 1742 new subscribers in my community, 62 sales and $93k revenue.


Tracey Spencer

Lightworkers Academy

Whether this is your first time adding paid ads to your marketing mix

Or you’ve had a crack at running your own Facebook Ads but know they could be performing better

We can give you expert, strategic, hands-on help with your ads.


  • Develop a solid strategy that will help you achieve the absolute best results from your ad spend.
  • Conduct extensive research and find your perfect audience on Facebook so we get your offer in front of the right people.
  • Pinpoint the right Facebook campaign and ad type for your goals— because they’re not one-size-fits-all.
  • Create ad copy and graphics that perfectly match your current brand and tone of voice.
  • Manage all the tricky and time-consuming tech— like installing pesky tracking pixels. … and make sure everything in your Ads Manager is set up correctly and running smoothly
So you can confidently build your list, launch your course or get more traction with your evergreen offer.
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  • No spending your precious time Googling tutorials and fiddling with your tech.
  • No juggling campaign set up with the hundreds of other tasks on your to-do list.
  • No worrying that your Facebook Ads Manager will break midway through your launch period.
  • No wasting ad spend on campaign types that won’t help you reach your goals.
  • No long wait times to get your ads up and running.
  • And no ongoing ad manager fees.

Facebook Ad Intensive is a done-with-you, VIP experience with a quick turnaround and no ongoing fees.

So you can launch fast, maximise your budget and run your strategically created ad campaigns with the confidence that comes from knowing an expert has managed all the details for you.

Full Facebook Ad campaign set up in just 7 business days

Here’s how we make it happen;

natalie 03

Discovery and research

We start by sending you a super-comprehensive intake form so you can provide all the background information we need to make your ads a success. Not sure what to send us? No stress! We’ll give you detailed instructions on exactly what we need.

Using the information you provide, my team and I will review your funnel and ad account, conduct extensive audience research and pinpoint the right campaign types for your goals so we can hit the ground running on our call.

Natalie Alaimo Facebook Ads Manager

Ad Strategy

We’ll then jump on a call with you to map out your ad strategy. Together we’ll confirm all the details including goals, budget, custom audience and up to 3 campaign types that will have the biggest impact on your business today.

facebook ad creative

Ad Creative

Our team will create custom ad copy and images for your campaigns using your existing brand, imagery, voice, and copy to make sure everything is aligned and looking good. Then we’ll send everything to you for final sign off before moving into campaign set-up.

Natalie Alaimo Facebook Ads Manager

Ad Setup

We then jump into your Facebook Ads Manager to create up to three high converting campaigns. We’ll take care of all the details so everything is ship-shape and ready to go for launch, including creating custom audiences, targeting the right Facebook campaign types, installing tracking pixels, setting budgets and inputting automatic cart open and close dates (if required).

Natalie Alaimo Facebook Ads Manager


Within 7 business days of your strategy call, you’ll have expertly set-up ad campaigns ready to go! We’ll hand everything over along with a video walkthrough of your ads manager so you have all the information you need to run things with confidence. And if you need us, we’ll be available for support via email up to 14-days after handover.


Looking for the details?
Here’s exactly what you get inside Facebook Ad Intensive

Bespoke Ad Strategy

Our team will do a deep dive into your audience, goals, budget and funnel and work with you to create a strategy that will get you the best results for your ad spend.

Mini Funnel Audit

Your Ads are just one piece of the puzzle, we’ll check that the sales page and other assets in your funnel are Facebook compliant, mobile optimised and good to go.

Pixel Audit

Your Pixel is KEY to accurate tracking and results. I’ll conduct an entire funnel pixel audit to make sure it’s collecting meaningful data and make adjustments as required.


In a post-iOS14-world, having tracking on both the browser-side and server-side will provide the most accurate results for your campaigns. We’ll make sure this vital data is feeding back to Facebook so you can optimise your campaigns and achieve the ROI possible.

Ad Creative

Using your existing brand, imagery, voice, and funnel copy we’ll create the ad copy and images to run across your campaigns. We’ll also recommend video content if needed.

Audience Selection & Targeting

After researching your ideal client, we’ll use Facebook to find the perfect people to reach with your offer— creating custom audiences and laser target them in your campaigns. Your audiences will include a mixture of cold, warm, custom and lookalike leads.

Campaign Set Up

Within your Facebook Ads Manager, we’ll create up to 3 entire high-converting campaigns with multiple ad sets and ads in each. Each campaign type will be carefully chosen to reach your goals. And we set the budgets and schedule cart open and close to switch on and off automatically so you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Ongoing Support

Once your campaigns are created, we’ll give you a super-thorough video walkthrough of how your Facebook Ad Manager is set up. And provide 14-days of email support just in case you need it.

Ellie Swift - Facebook Ads Management

The very first list building campaign Natalie ran for me had well over 2,300 new subscribers come through.

On top of that, I generated an additional $7k from funnel sales after the campaign costs— she is simply amazing!”


Melanie Miller

The Profit Lovers

Hey there, I'm Natalie Alaimo

I know that investing in ads can feel like a big, huge, scary step.

Going from organic marketing and success to dropping thousands of dollars a month on ads is a giant leap.

And between those two things is the time-consuming, overwhelming and frustrating middle part.

The part where you’re spending your time, money and energy testing, failing, learning about and getting better at ads.

I’m here to help you navigate that middle part so that you can start to use Facebook Ads effectively and strategically in your business—

… faster than you ever could on your own

… with less wasted time, money and effort

… and less failure and frustration, too.

Because I’ve seen how Ads have helped creators just like you make a bigger impact, achieve freedom and unleash their magic at a whole new level.

Ellie Swift - Facebook Ads Management

“Prior to working with Natalie, I enjoyed creating my own Facebook Ads, but found the process time-consuming.

It took our time away from our business when it was needed the most. Working with Natalie has been amazing. We were really happy with the results of the campaigns and saw a huge uptake in leads and sales


Ellie Swift

Marketing & Mindset Coach

Still wondering if Ad Intensive is the next right move for your business?

Now might *not* be the time to go all in if one of these apply to you

You don’t have a specific selling plan.

You want to spend more than $5000 a month on their ad campaigns.

On the other hand, Ad Intensive is the most powerful next step you can take for your business if:

You want to generate leads.

You are interested in learning to manage your own ads, but aren’t 100% confident that you can do it on your own.

You want more eyes on key pieces of content on your website.

You have an existing funnel that you want to test with ads.

You want to validate a brand new funnel with paid traffic.

You want more support than what comes with most Facebook ad courses or group coaching experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much budget do I need?

Ah, the budget question. One that everyone wants to know. And I’m sorry to say it does depend. During your strategy call, I’ll help you determine the best budget based on your goals. However, as a general rule, I would be looking at spending at least $2000 in ad spend. My Ad Profit Planner (insert link) is a great starting point if you haven’t run ads before – it will help you make informed decisions on what you can expect for your specific budgets and course prices.

What ads will you set up for me?

As part of your Ad Intensive package, we will create and setup up 3 campaigns for you. During your strategy call, I’ll help you decide which campaigns would be best for your goals.

How long in advance do I need to set up my ads?

It depends on what campaigns you are wanting to run, however as a general rule for a live event such as a webinar or challenge you want them to be running for at least 10 days out from the event.

List building and engagement campaigns can start at any time and with a live launch, the earlier the better.

Also, remember to allow up to three business days for ads to be reviewed and approved by Facebook – generally, the process is quicker.

Can you guarantee the results?

Everyone’s business and situation are unique, so it is impossible for us to guarantee specific results. That being said, we have helped a number of digital coaches to take their course to the next level with our strategy and Facebook Ads are the best way to reach more people when it comes to coaching and digital courses.

I have more questions!

Sure! Send them over to us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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