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I’m Natalie

And I help women scale their values-driven businesses using smart marketing and social media Ad strategies that are purpose-built for them.

Natalie Alaimo

I believe women deserve to do what they love, in a way that fits with their needs, ambitions and lifestyle— and make bank doing it.

Because when they do it creates a ripple effect that positively impacts their family, their clients, their community and the world.

I’m not in this to make a quick buck or become the next big thing. I’m in this for the long haul. I’m in this to make a bigger impact on the world. And I’m in it for you.

Natalie Alaimo

Where it all began…

In 2006 I ditched my corporate sales gig and became the self-appointed Head of Marketing for our small family printing business.

With a non-existent budget and the need for fast results, I turned to online marketing. From Google and direct response to copywriting and email I used everything at our disposal and started getting real results, fast.

By 2008, it was obvious that marketing was where it was at. In the November of that year, Facebook launched its Ads platform and I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve created and launched over 10 courses, hosted hundreds of webinars and I’ve helped thousands of clients in almost every industry you can name, market their businesses, create financial security and enjoy freedom and flexibility in their everyday lives.

Heading up Natalie Alaimo, I’m now doing what I love most— supporting women-led businesses to use Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow. So they can share their message with the world and make a bigger impact with their vision and mission.

Natalie Alaimo

When I’m not nerding out on ads and digital marketing,

you’ll probably find me…

Natalie Alaimo

Driving Max (my son) to school, skateboarding, swimming or BMX, walking Jack (Maltese) around the block or cuddling with Dean (my husband).

Natalie Alaimo
Drinking either too many coffees or too many sauvy bs
Natalie Alaimo
Tap dancing, daydreaming about tap dancing or building my latest Lego purchase (sssh don’t tell Dean)
Natalie Alaimo
Studying a recent course purchase, reading the latest personal development book or binge-watching a Disney movie or rom-com


Ways you can work with me...

Natalie Alaimo

Do-It-Yourself Ad Profit Planner

Create or optimise your DIY Ads campaign.

This straightforward, practical tool will help you get clear on your goals and empower you to make smart and informed decisions about when and how to invest in Facebook and Instagram ads.

Natalie Alaimo

Just Ad Magic

Create a Profitable & Automated Funnel With Paid Ads

An epic experience that combines the RIGHT Ad & Funnel Strategies with expert ad set up and ongoing support.

Natalie Alaimo

Done-For-You Facebook Ads Management

Let the experts take care of it all for you.

Our team will take care of every aspect that goes into creating and executing a bespoke ad strategy that gets results at scale so you can get back to taking care of your business.