natalie alaimo

About Natalie

I’ve got big dreams …. and I know you do as well. I figured that’s why you’re here.

I know it can be scary to share them … Out loud … To declare them, to claim them as your own. And let me share a secret, it still is … They say new level new devil.

But you can do it.

I remember in November 2014 when my mum came to me and said she wanted to turn over a million dollars in 2015.  I threw away the idea as quickly as it came. Who am I to have a million dollar business?

I’ve got a comfortable life, a new baby (who is now a toddler), and sure there are things that I want, that having a higher income would make easier (bigger house, new car for my husband, more overseas adventures and a private education for my son) but really, a million dollar business???

  While I don’t know if we will get to one million in the next few years, I know we will soon.

Let’s be honest, you didn’t land here wanting to know just about me.

I know you have a dream. Dreams …

And you know that learning about Facebook and online marketing will help you achieve them

// You might have a new family and want more flexibility ….

// Your family might have left the nest and you want extra play money …

// You may desperately just want your business to work because, damn it, you deserve it!

Regardless of where you are in your life or business journey, you are ready to make your dreams a reality.  The amazing women who we work with are as varied as my mum and I. (I probably should mention that Mum – Leonie – is also my business partner.)

Transform your life!

It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 75, learning and applying online marketing …

Will transform your life ….

I know this because I’m living proof and that is my driving force.

// I want flexibility

// I want to spend time with my son without having to rush out the door

// I want to say yes when the call for lunch comes

// I want to tap dance at 10:30 am on a Monday and 9:45 am on Friday’s

// I want to spend time with friends and family and not have to rush

// I want to travel the world and explore this amazing place we call Earth

// I want to buy what makes me feel amazing without looking at the price tag

// I want to live in my dream home

// I want to buy my husband the new car he wants

I’m also immensely passionate about you, my clients, and my community.

I want more and more women to realise their dreams. To have their own want list fulfilled.

It’s by supporting each other and growing together we can make a change. Making an impact.

With knowledge, comes choice.

And you can choose to live your life on your terms …

Regardless of the reasons, you don’t have to answer to anyone other than yourself.

You might want to grow your business so you can send your kids to daycare because you aren’t cut out to be a stay at home mum. (I’m certainly not)

You might want to grow your business so you can spend two uninterrupted days a week with your husband, grandkids or on your own – reading, walking, painting or whatever makes your heart sing.

Whatever you want, you can have it. And I want to help you.

I know when I got serious and started following my own advice I created true freedom in my life.

I’m not 100% where I want to be, but I’m moving closer every day and so can you. Some days I go backwards, but that’s all part of the journey.

While I’m known around the interweb for my Facebook training, there is so much more that goes into a successful online business. For this reason I created the Your Online Business Made Easy Hub aka The Business Hub.

I’ve packaged up the best of me (and mum) into a series of straight forward, to the point courses that will take you from meh to online business superstar. This, to me, is making a regular consistent income without working crazy hours (unless you want to).

If you want a taste of what’s on offer, download my ebook – “The Five Emails You Must Be Sending To Gain More Sales” by entering your details below.