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9 Week Weight Loss Challenge Week One

Tuesday 11th March 2014 was my official start of the 9 Week Challenge. The challenge is run over 63 days and will finish on 13th May 2014. My overall goal is to lose a total of 21.2kg. Based on all the information I’ve obtained, this will make me a sure bet to win the national prize which is two tickets to Vegas (Vegas Honeymoon Baby!)

Each Vision Studio picks their top male and female winners which then go on to the national head office where they select the overall winner. Luckily there is a prize for both males & females, so I’m only competing against other women!

During my session with my trainer Michelle, on Tuesday 11th March, we determined my macro numbers and my exercise numbers based on the goal to lose 21.2kg over the 9 weeks.

Marco numbers are a combination of carbs, protein & fats which you have to meet each day.  These are all worked out based on your body type, family history and whole lot of other stuff they input into their computer.  My numbers are sitting on 117g Carbs, 187g Protein and 47g Fat.  Of course I don’t have any issues reaching the Fat numbers and over my time with Vision have worked out how to get to the protein numbers.

Over the last month, I had a few weeks of nothing – no weight loss – which, as you can imagine, is very depressing. So I decided to cut out carbs – not all carbs – but no bread, pasta, rice, etc.  The only carbs I’m eating are fruit & vegetables (not much fruit – as it’s not my thing).  I found that this was better for my body, in terms of energy, clearing of the mind and overall feeling better.

Since then I’ve been reading heaps of books, articles, magazine and listening to podcasts on health and nutrition and let me tell you, it’s like seeing the world through new eyes.  Our whole food industry is full of sh*t, and sadly people are making decisions based on mass media which of course is funded by the food companies.

I’m not sharing this to get into any debate, nor I don’t want to hear anyones opinion of this. I know what works for my body and what I’m happy to eat and of course you need to find that out for yourself based on your own research.  If you want to eat carbs, go for it. I just know that my body is better without them, and heck, I’m Italian!

Back to my first session and exercise numbers – wow! This was huge.  670 minutes of cardio per week which is 11.1 hours! OMG. Before my session I’d worked out my cardio plan and I think I was at 6 hours. So 11.1 hours of cardio was huge.  And to be honest I didn’t complete all 11.1 hours this week.  But I’m ok with that.  Here is what my exercise plan looks like;

  • Monday – 60 min walk & 60 min dancing
  • Tuesday – 30 min weight session & 20 min cardio (on cross trainer)
  • Wednesday – 80 min run
  • Thursday – 60 min walk, 30 min weights, 20 min cardio & 60 min dancing
  • Friday – 60 min walk & 60 min dancing
  • Saturday – 60 min run club
  • Sunday – 120 min long run

And what I actually did;

  • Tuesday – 60 min dancing (no weights as it was my goal session at the gym)
  • Wednesday – 95 min walk
  • Thursday – 30 min weights, 60 min walking & 60 min dancing
  • Friday – nothing
  • Saturday – slept in and missed run club but rode the bike for 2 hours and 20 mins
  • Sunday – long run for 100 mins
  • Monday – 60 min walk & 60 min dancing

weekly steps

If you got my newsletter on Tuesday you would have also seen how on Monday I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I knew if I didn’t, I would be behind for the rest of the week.  And let me tell you it’s hard to catch up cardio when you have to do 11 hours. So I made myself get out of bed and just do it.

The whole day I was feeling blue, I was grumpy and so I put myself to bed in the afternoon and didn’t talk to anyone but I’m so glad that I got myself out of bed to walk.  I think I’m getting better at identifying when I’m a little down and I’m making improvements on how to deal with it.

Therefore over the week, Monday was the toughest day and I identified, which I mentioned in my newsletter, that I hadn’t written down my goals in a few days.  Part of taking on the 9 week challenge I decided on a few extra things I was going to do – most of these came from my trainers Michelle & Jeff from Vision and these are;

  • Daily writing down of my goals
  • Starting each meal with a black coffee
  • 20 deep squats after each meal
  • 30 mins of ice packs on the top of your back each night
  • Tracking daily steps
  • No alcohol (maybe one on my birthday!)

Each day, up until Friday, I had been really good at writing down my goals.  Of course I purchased a new Kikki K notebook so they look flash. Each day I would spend a few minutes re-writing my goals, a daily gratitude list and any other thoughts which came to mind.  I’m not sure if this will work but I’ve heard and read online that writing your goals and focusing on gratitude are good for all things, so why not!

At the launch party to the 9 week challenge Jeff mentioned some odd but scientifically based additional extra to help you lose the most weight. In this category I included starting each meal with a black coffee, 20 deep squats after each meal and 30 mins of ice packs each night.

Over the week I’ve been pretty good with ice packs most nights, squats haven’t been very good – I think this lasted a few days (mainly because I forget) and breakfast always starts with a black coffee.  Hey, I’m not 100% perfect but it’s working for me.

The final thing I’m doing is tracking my daily steps using a FitBit Flex. It’s like a bracelet which you wear on your wrist.  It syncs with my phone and tracks how many steps I’m taking each day.  Over the week I averaged 10,707 each day with four days of 12,945; 16,088; 21,830 & 13,798. It’s become a bit of a game to see how many steps I can take it each day.

So if you got this far you are probably wondering how much weight I lost in the first week.  Tuesday morning I got up and didn’t eat or drink a thing.  I probably went to the toilet a hundred times but when I stepped on the scales it was totally worth it.  Overall the week hadn’t been overly hard, I didn’t feel like I was going without.

I was totally shocked when the scales revealed that I had lost – 2.7kg!!! My goal is to average 2.35kg each week and I did!  I was so happy & proud of myself.  I wonder what week two has in store for me.

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