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Eleven Ideas To Increase Your Believe Me Bank

People want to do business with people they know like and trust.  A key area in my online success formulaSeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe is your BelieveMe Bank.  Every touch point with current or potential clients will either increase or decrease your BelieveMe Bank with them.

The more in their BelieveMe Bank, the higher the chances that they will become a new or repeat client.  It’s important to remember that all clients will be moving through the SeeMe + BelieveMe = PayMe Formula in their own time and at their own pace.

One prospect might discover you on Friday and be a client by Monday, while others might take months.  It’s up to each individual and for this reason you must be

working in multiple areas to increase your BelieveMe Bank.

Your goal is to position you as the expert in your industry and as the go to person for your ideal target market.  The easiest way is to increase your BelieveMe Bank is by making lots of small deposits.

Below I have listed some ideas for you;

About Page: Ensure your have a current About Page on your website which explains who you are, who you can help and how you can help them.

About Section: Complete as much as possible in the about section of your Facebook Business Page

Own Domain: If you have a website (which you should), it must be on your own domain name.  i.e. vs

Own Email : Once you have your website on your own domain then you MUST have your own email address attached to it.  Nothing says “I’m not a real business” quicker than or  Ensure your main email address is personal and approachable. Consider your name vs admin, info or support

Business Card: Stock matters. Don’t be going to a networking function and expect to be taken seriously if you have your cards printed on 150gsm (like copy paper) stock.  Business cards are not expensive and are well worth the investment.

Provide a Taste of You, Your Products + Services: Position yourself as the expert in your industry by providing insights into you, your products, your services, your process.  Some ideas for you:

  • Facebook Updates – not selling – providing information
  • Free Information on your website in exchange for an email address – report, ebook, video, webinar
  • Behind The Scenes Insight – share photos and info on events, mentors, resources, etc.

Blog Regularly: At least monthly, weekly is better. This will not only increase your BelieveMe Bank, you will get more website traffic

Guest Blog: Submit articles and blog post to other sources where your target market are.  There are hundreds of websites which are looking for content. Find them and ask if they are looking for articles or blog posts.

Media Coverage: Reach out to the media using something like SourceBottle and submit requests to journalists.  From this I’ve had various radio interviews, been mentioned in magazines and newspaper articles.

Testimonials: 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know and 70% of people trust consumer opinions posted online.  Testimonials can provide this for your business.  Use a combination of posts from Facebook, Video, Written, Tweets.  Get as many as you can and include them in all areas of your website.

Video’s of You:  In today’s online world, many people can ‘hide’ behind the computer. However by using video you are able to build a relationship with your audience quicker.  Why not use video tips, a website welcome video – the possibilities are endless.

Using all of these, or some, will help increase your BelieveMe Bank. Remember it’s a process so a consistent effort is required for maximum results.  We don’t build relationships over night!

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