A step by step process to optimise your website for Google so you can be found online.

SEO Challenge Special Ends In

Want More Free Traffic To Your Website?

You know that the key to a successful online business is website traffic.

But you are totally stuck as to how to get more? And for free?

If you are like most people, you expected a flood of traffic the date your website was launched.

And then you waited.

You Googled your company name and still nothing.

I’m sure after a hefty investment for your website (either in money or time), you wanted more. More traffic.

Sadly, most web designers/developers don’t know the first thing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to build a website that Google likes.

Google has a secret algorithm that they use to index and rank your website. This algorithm determines what sites are shown on the first page and which ones don’t see the light of day.

It’s estimated that there is over 200 different factors that influence the Google algorithm. And it’s these factors that will make or break your website success.

Now for some good news…

Most of these factors are really just small tweaks. You can make them yourself with limited tech skills. Promise.

When I got serious about SEO (I spent many years ignoring it), I realised it’s really just a combination of lots of small tweaks that you can make now and reap the benefits long term.

And that is why I had to create SEO Accelerator…

SEO Accelerator is a five part system that walks you through the process of optimising your website and it’s content to please Google and your readers.


This process is exactly what I use on my own website and for many clients' websites I’ve worked on.

Here's what you'll discover in each module

Module One - SEO Foundation

You want your website to be found when users are searching for your product or service. Set the foundations firmly in your website and get this process working for you and your business.

Module Two - Website Planning

The foundation of your SEO success is in your website. In module two, you’ll discover how to plan your website so you'll get the best results with your SEO that will bring an avalanche of clients your way.

Module Three - Research

Get all the components of your research right so you can build a solid foundation for your SEO success. Module Three covers all the details.

Module Four - Technical SEO

Get the details on all the technical side of SEO so you know exactly what you need to monitor, how to set it up, and what to track. It's all covered in Module Four.

Module Five - Content

Content is the lifeblood of your website, and it's the lifeblood of your SEO efforts. Module Five will take you through all the content types you need to enhance your SEO.

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SEO AcceleratorOne Payment $197


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I'm also giving you these sweet bonuses to help you get the most from SEO Accelerator:

Bonus #1 - Foundation Videos

To be successful online you need a solid foundation. Included in this bonus foundation videos are PayMe Formula, Determining Your Target Market and Creating High Converting Sales Processes.

Bonus #2 - Facebook Community

You don't have to be alone in business. Join our inspiring Facebook community and feel supported.

I will be popping in a couple of times per week to say hi and help out where I can.

Bonus #3 - Getting Clear Video

Business can be confusing and overwhelming. We have too many ideas and can lack the motivation to finish each project. In this free bonus video - Getting Clear On Your Business - I'll show you how to determine what you want to focus on, so that you can create your ideal business and lifestyle.

Bonus #4 - Blog Checklist

Make your blogging super easy with our SEO Accelerator Blog Checklist. Use it every time you write a blog post. This will ensure that you don't miss any essentials to get your SEO working.

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Why others loved SEO Accelerator

  • Simple Straight Forward Advice

    Natalie is my kind of girl who speaks my kind of language. She doesn’t bamboozle and she keeps things simple which I need in order to be able to take it in and not be frightened off. She’s been paramount in the growth of my confidence and by extension, my business.

  • Loving It

    I have just purchased the new SEO course and loving it – thanks, Natalie.

Not Sure If SEO Accelerator Is Right For You?

It's for you if ...

  • You want more free traffic to your website
  • You haven't done keyword research
  • Google doesn't know your website exists
  • You haven't planned and outlined your current and future content based on keywords

It's not for you if ...

  • You don't want any extra traffic to your website
  • You are ranking on the front page of Google for your specific keywords
  • Your website is overflowing with optimised and correctly structured content
  • You are familiar with sitemaps, keywords and meta tags

Who is Natalie?

I’m Natalie (you can call me Nat if you like).

I’m building a beautiful community of women in business, just like you;

Ultra passionate.  Lifestyle seekers. Family jugglers.

Doing the best you can each and everyday.

After realising that cold calling sucked and marketing budgets were tiny, I developed my own quick and simple system of using Facebook to generate new clients, leads and sales for free.

Today as a busy mum to Max, I’ve got a flourishing business that allows me to work around nap times and kindy days (thank God for kindy), with a weekly tap dancing class thrown in for my own sanity.

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SEO AcceleratorOne Payment $197


The Hub Membership$47 per month ... Cancel Anytime

All Prices in Australian Dollars :: All Sales are Final


What exactly does the course cover? +

SEO Accelerator is the step by step process for optimising your website to make it more appealing to Google. Many websites aren't built in a way that Google can read and index your content. If Google can't find your website, then no-one else can either. SEO Accelerator takes you through all of my onPage SEO processes.  A full module by module breakdown is available above.

What happens if I've got questions during the course? +

I want you to feel supported when you are going through SEO Accelerator. For this reason I’ve included access to our Facebook Community where you can interact, ask questions and seek feedback. Our Facebook Community is full of business owners who are going through the same ‘business’ journey as you. It’s a beautiful supportive environment where you can get the help you need to keep moving forward to reach your business dreams. Myself and my team will pop in and assist where we can as well.

How long do I have to complete the course? +

I've designed the course as a self paced home study course.  When you join you have instant access to all course content including the bonuses. You can binge watch or take it one video at a time. I’ve included a full 12 months access to the entire course so you can complete the modules when it suits you.

What results can I expect? +

After completing the five modules you will know exactly how to optimise your website for Google. SEO is an ongoing process that centres around creating awesome content and presenting it in a way that is readable by Google.  You will know how to implement the necessary changes for your website if using WordPress and how to improve your content.

Without knowing you or your business, and because I'm not Google, I can't guarantee any results. And to be honest, no one else can either. I can however guarantee that after making the changes outlined in the course you will be in a better position than before.


What’s your refund policy? +

In order for us to provide such a high value course at a very affordable price we are unable to offer refunds (unless required by the Australian Consumer Law). We trust that, based on the free valuable content we provide prior to your purchase, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this course is right for you.