The step-by-step process for using Email Marketing to Attract, Nurture and Convert your Audience into Paying Clients.

Can you remember the last time you were reading an email and thought "This is awesome! I should be doing this for my business?!?".

  • You really connected with the person and gained so much value
  • You saw the impact they were having and wanted to share your message with your audience
  • You might have even been a bit frustrated thinking, "How do they make it look so easy? I could never write like that, I'm scared to even try."
  • You want to be able to connect with your audience, share your values and make money without being salesy, spammy or annoying

When it comes to using Email Marketing I know it's not on the top of your list, but you totally know that it's the way to increase your sales without having to hang out on Social Media all day!

Wouldn't it be nice...

To have an automated way to follow up with people who have enquired about your services?

To have an automated way to attract your perfect, ideal dream customer to your business, build a relationship with them and then convert them into a paying customer?

To have an automated way to keep your existing customers in the loop, so they buy from you again and again?

This is possible with Email Marketing and it's not just me who thinks this. I can show you how, but first I want to share why Email Marketing is the best investment you can make in marketing your business.

The return of investment for email marketing is "through the roof".  Here is why you should be investing in email marketing for your business.

  • Users are 6x more likely to click-through from an email than a tweet
  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customer than Facebook or Twitter
  • Email has the highest purchase conversion rate (66%) when compared to social, direct mail and more
  • Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media
  • Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social
  • A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook
  • Sending four emails in a month, instead of one, significantly increases the number of consumers opening more than one email
  • The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media
  • Email marketing has a return on investment of between 3800% - 4400%

Your Email Marketing Made Easy is the 5-part
system that will take you
through the process of confidently
setting up your profitable email systems.

Peek inside Your Email Marketing Made Easy...

Here is exactly what's included in
Your Email Marketing Made Easy:

Module One: Getting Started

  • Learn exactly what email marketing is, and isn't
  • Why you need an email marketing program (software)
  • Exactly what to look for in an email marketing program
  • Opt-in's, click-through, triggers.... My Email Marketing Terms Guide has you covered

Module Two: Content & Formatting

  • Get started super fast with these general content creation tips
  • How to know what sections to include in your emails
  • Email formatting secrets to ensure your emails are readable and get opened
  • Creating content to build your BelieveMe Bank in a genuine and authentic way

Module Three: Regular Vs Promotional Communication

  • The difference between Regular & Promotional Campaigns and why you need both
  • Rocking your regular campaigns - think schedules, content and more
  • The 5 emails you must be sending to increase sales today
  • Planning your promotional campaigns
  • Testing, measuring and fast tracking your results

Module Four: List Building

  • Why they say the money is in the list - and what they really mean
  • How to provide a taste to your audience
  • Crafting an opt-in offer your audience can't resist
  • Marketing - getting your opt-in offer out there and your list built

Module Five: Setting Up Your Opt-In & Campaigns

  • Step by step walk through on how to get your first campaign up and running in both MailChimp & AWeber
  • Planning your our campaigns
  • A walk around Mailchimp & AWeber
  • Using Autoresponders, Broadcasts & Follow Ups in AWeber & MailChimp



12 Months Access + Support

I'm also giving you these sweet bonuses to help you get the most from your email marketing:

Bonus #1 - Facebook Community

You don't have to be alone in business. Join our inspiring Facebook community and feel supported.

I'll be popping in a couple of times a week to say hi and help out where I can.

Bonus #2 - Natalie's Email Swipe File

You'll get the exact emails I use to sell my flagship program Your FB Marketing Made Easy. Model my emails to fast track your promotional communication campaigns

Bonus #3 - Foundation Videos

To be successful online you need a solid foundation. Included in the Bonus Foundation videos are the PayMe Formula, Determining Your Target Market and Creating High Converting Sales Processes.

Bonus #4 - Worksheets + Cheatsheets

Implementation is the GOAL. To help you speed up implementation I've included as many worksheets, cheatsheets, examples and swipe files as possible. Use real life examples to model and get the work done.



12 Months Access + Support

Why others love Your Email Marketing Made Easy

  • Simple Straight Forward Advice

    Natalie is my kind of girl who speaks my kind of language. She doesn’t bamboozle and she keeps things simple which I need in order to be able to take it in and not be frightened off. She’s been paramount in the growth of my confidence and by extension, my business.

  • Loving It

    I have just purchased and loving it – thanks, Natalie.

  • Confidence To Market My Business

    This is a must, I feel more confident and professional when marketing my business using email.

    Even after the first day I had learnt so much that I felt so confident.

Who Is Natalie?

I’m Natalie (you can call me Nat if you like)

I’m building a beautiful community of women in business, just like you;

Ultra passionate.  Lifestyle seekers. Family jugglers.

Doing the best you can each and everyday.

After realising that cold calling sucked and marketing budgets were tiny, I developed my own quick and simple system of using emails to generate new clients, leads and sales for free.

Today as a busy mum to Max, I’ve got a flourishing business that allows me to work around nap times and kindy days (thank God for kindy), with a weekly tap dancing class thrown in for my own sanity.

Not Sure If Your Email Marketing
Made Easy Is Right For You?

It's for you if ...

  • You want to attract, nurture and convert your audience using email marketing.
  • You don't want to be at the mercy of the social media and their algorithm changes
  • You want to systems and automate part of your sales process so you have more time
  • You know Email Marketing is important but you aren't sure how to get started

It's not for you if ...

  • You have it all figured out
  • You aren't prepared to do the work to make it happen
  • You are negative and think the 'nothing' will ever work for you
  • You aren't willing to try writing emails (or pay to outsource it)
How long do I have access to the course? +

You get a full 12 months access to the course material, along with a full 12 months of access to our inspiring Facebook community in our private Facebook Group.

How long will it take me to complete the course? +

My goal is for you to get your emails written ASAP. For this reasons I’ve made the course content as actionable as possible. Each module has been 4 - 6 videos that will give you the information you need to get the results you desire.

I would allow yourself a decent amount of time to create your first promotional communication campaign, then remember email marketing is a journey. I’m still tweaking, changing and editing our emails with the aim of continuous improvement.

When will I get access to the course? +

After payment is made, you will be emailed your access details to our private, secure members only website. This information is generally in your inbox within 30 minutes (often immediately).

Once inside the website you will have immediate access to all modules and bonus content.

I'm not a very good writer, can you help me? +

Neither am I. English was my worst subject at school and I’m sure you will find some spelling and grammar mistakes on this page.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use email effectively to connect, communicate and convert your audience.

My best tip for writers block is to write like you speak, grab your voice recorder and start talking.

I don't use Mailchimp or AWeber, can I still join? +

You certainly can. Most of the course is the strategy and know how to get your emails written.

The last module covers the step by step in both MailChimp & AWeber as these are two popular and cost effective email softwares. However you can use any email marketing system you like or even manually send your emails.

I don't know every system available but happy to help where I can via our private Facebook Group.

I'll be adding shortly step by step on using ActiveCampaign, the email system I'm currently using.

What’s your refund policy? +

In order for us to provide such a high value course at a very affordable price we are unable to offer refunds (unless required by the Australian Consumer Law). We trust that, based on the free valuable content we provide prior to your purchase, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this course is right for you.



12 Months Access + Support