Email Automation

Many business owners are quick to delegate and outsource, however, automation can fill in many of these jobs without the extra expense.

Marketing automation allows you to do more with less people.

Using systems such as ActiveCampaign you can automate processes such as;

  • Sending people information packs
  • Booking in people for free trials, coaching sessions or discovery calls
  • Follow up with people who have left products in their shopping cart (and yet to purchase)
  • Reminder people what they were interested in after they visited a page on your website
  • Segment your list and only send people content they are interested in
  • Send reminder emails regular for things such as birthdays, appointments, maintenance and so much more
  • Onboard new clients automatically (and offboard as well for an outstanding customer service experience)
  • Send emails based on dates – 3 days after check out or 24 hours prior to their appointment

There are so many areas within your business that can be automated, so let’s chat to see how I can help.

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